Sony's PlayStation 5 immediately ran out of stocks during the first hours of its initial pre-order sale and is now rolling out to customers that pre-purchased the next-generation console. However, despite the minimal supplies and selling out the last few months, GameStop is offering PS5 Bundles on its websites and even stocks on its retail stores in time for the Black Friday sale.

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One of America's most famous and largest retail store is offering new PlayStation 5 bundles for customers to enjoy despite missing out on the initial pre-orders and purchases last September. Sony's PS5 is one of the most sought after technology of the year, along with the fast-selling Apple iPhone 12 that also released this year.

The coronavirus pandemic may have kept people inside the comforts of their homes for several months now, but that would not stop hardcore gamers and avid fans of Sony's PlayStation from purchasing the new console online. GameStop is one of the most reliable retailers in the country that concerns gaming and all needs.

According to GameStop's Twitter announcement (@GameStop), its website will replenish a limited number of stocks for people to take advantage of and catch-up with the release of the PlayStation 5. The PS5 Bundles on GameStop's website will grant the lucky person their PS5 with the same retail price or those with game bundles.

This would be the best way to catch up the PS5 trend and get one's hand on the next-generation console without paying for the expensive and outrageous scalper prices that amount to almost double its costs. Moreover, GameStop's website offers various bundles which can complete the experience of every purchase.

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GameStop's PS5 Bundle: Restocks Now and Get One Despite Missing Pre-orders!

According to Sole Links (@SOLELINKS), GameStop is now offering the PlayStation 5 bundles with both the Standard and Digital Editions, along with two DualSense 5 Controllers and two titles to play. The "Ultimate Launch Day" sale by GameStop features "Spider-Man: Miles Morales" and "NBA 2K21" as some of the frontline titles for the PS5's re-sale.

The price of the new bundle would amount as much as $800 for the PS5 Standard Edition console, Two DualSense 5 Controllers, and the two titles from PlayStation Entertainment and 2K Sports with Visual Concepts. That deal would be the best to receive new PS5 games and even the new console despite missing out on pre-orders.

Different bundles are also available on GameStop's website, featuring other PS5 exclusive titles that come with the release of the new console.

GameStop: Retail Stores Would Also Have Atleast 2 Consoles Each On Black Friday

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If aspiring owners of the PlayStation 5 misses out on this website retail deals and PS5 Bundles by GameStop, there would be another chance to grab the new console. November's Black Friday is fast approaching and stores would still offer the massive sale physically.

However, it is quite noting that this year's Black Friday Sale would not be the same as the previous years as there is still a current health crisis brought by COVID-19. According to Comicbook. com, GameStop promises to have atleast two PS5 consoles on its retail stores to line up with the Black Friday, which is still the country's most massive shopping event.

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