Destiny 2 Beyond Light how to get free Exotic Cipher
(Photo : Destiny / Facebook) If you have missed an exotic, there's a new way to get them.

Bungie's "Destiny 2" has tons of new content as the "Beyond Light" expansion finally arrived after quite some downtime. With the changes that came to the game, many of the activities and locations had been changed, so some players who were unable to get the exotic rewards won't be able to get them the usual way.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light how to get free Exotic Cipher
(Photo : Destiny / Facebook)
If you have missed an exotic, there's a new way to get them.

How to Get Missed Exotics

However, you don't have to worry, as the exotic items are still available in-game, and Bungie has introduced a new way to acquire them through an extremely rare in-game currency called Exotic Ciphers.

Once you get these Exotic Ciphers, you can exchange them for the exotic item you want via the new vendor known as the Exotic Archive.

While Exotic Ciphers are hard to get by, there's a free one that "Destiny 2" players can get now.

According to The Gamer, the free Exotic Cipher hides in the game's new triumph menu, which is the title's achievement system that gives players a variety of rewards for their hard work.

With the arrival of the "Beyond Light" expansion, the "legacy" triumphs have all been archived and are now replaced with a fresh new set of triumphs players can pursue, including one that will reward the players with an Exotic Cipher.

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How to Get a Free Exotic Cipher

Based on the gaming news outlet, players can find the triumph in the very first menu under Lifetime, then choose the third category on the New Light tab called Gear.

Under that, "Destiny 2" players can find the Exotic Archivist triumph with three stages of completion: collect one exotic, collect three exotics, and then collect seven exotics, with the first stage offering the elusive Exotic Cipher.

If you have acquired at least one exotic throughout the game, you can get the free Exotic Cipher without grinding.

But what if you're a new player?

Fortunately, there is one activity that will allow you to quickly get an exotic--and the Cipher with--through the New Light campaign, where players will soon after meet Shaw Han in the Cosmodrome.

Talk to the NPC for an exotic quest called "Blast From The Past," where the reward is an exotic weapon known as The Chaperone.

The quest is pretty straight forward, and you won't have to leave Cosmodrome, so you can practically get the exotic shotgun without that much hassle. Once you complete it, you can go back to the triumph menu and get the Exotic Cipher.

'Destiny 2' Battle Pass Reward

Moreover, some "Destiny 2" players that have played last season and got their battle pass up to level 55 should have an instant free Exotic Cipher with the new expansion.

But, there is a catch.

"Destiny 2" players can only hold one Exotic Cipher at a time, so if you reached level 55 from last season, you should spend the Cipher you currently have on hand before you can claim the one from the triumphs menu.

Furthermore, this season's battle pass will also reward players that have reached level 55 as with the previous season.

To get more Exotic Cipher throughout the game, speak to Xur between Friday to Sunday each week for a quest that rewards you with the rare currency.

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