10 Tools YouShould Have for DIY Car Maintenance and Soft Repair
(Photo : 10 Tools YouShould Have for DIY Car Maintenance and Soft Repair)

Maintaining your car is an easy thing to do. Take it to the car workshop and let the mechanics check it. However, if you are too lazy or your budget is not enough to purchase the professional service, you can do it by yourself. What you need is the proper equipment to do all the steps in the car maintenance process. For that reason, we have a list of 10 tools that you will need for taking care of your beloved car. Here they are.

1. Air Impact Wrench

This tool is the best thing you can have for dealing with that troublesome tight bolt and nuts. Using a similar wrench, you need a lot of time to remove one bolt from one of your car parts. Furthermore, it is also tiring, especially if it has been bolted tight or old bolt. 

An air impact wrench can finish that job in no time. You also don't need to use your energy too much. Press the button on its handle, and it will do the tightening and loosening process for you. Inside this tool, you can find a motor that can spin the bolt and nuts at high speed with high torque. This is the reason why it helps you a lot in car maintenance.When you want to buy this wrench, please always choose the best air impact wrench brands, so that you use it for long term

2. Air Ratchet

Air ratchet is a tool that you need, for reaching the bolt in the difficult-to-reach area inside the car. It has a similar function as an air impact wrench. However, it doesn't use a big motor that can take a lot of space. Plus, the long and slim design also gives you better reach than an air impact wrench.

You can have these two, the air ratchet and air impact wrench, as the tool to maintain your car. But, you also can choose one of them, if you have a limited budget to purchase both of those tools.

3. Socket Set or Mechanic Tool Set

This tool is a set of different types of wrench and its head for different sizes and shapes of bolts and nuts. Mostly, this set is manually operated. It doesn't have a machine or motor that can move the bolt automatically like the first two tools we mentioned above. It sounds troublesome. However, the various types of head and size that you can find in this set will be very useful to help you deal with all kinds of work in your car engine. You need this tool.

4. Hydraulic Jack and the Stands

Unless you have a full set of car workshop equipment, like a hydraulic car lift, you need a tool to lift your car that is easy to use and store. As we know, mostly the part we need to see to do the car maintenance is in the bottom part of the car body. Hydraulic jack is what you need here. You also can add the stand for safety and balance when you use it. 

You can find various types of jacks and stands in the store. Make sure you get the best one, especially the one that has high durability and is made of the best material. This tool is an essential part of your car maintenance.

5. Spark Plug Wrench

You use this wrench to loosen and remove the spark plugs of your car. The spark plug, mostly, doesn't require a frequent replacement. You only change it, when it is damaged or unable to work like it normally does. When that time is coming, the spark plug wrench is your best friend. This tool will help you to remove the spark plug easily and install the new one without too much trouble.

6. Oil Filter Wrench

The car's oil filter can survive and work continuously for thousands of miles. However, you might have to replace it, when it has a bad condition. Depending on the design of the oil filter area, maybe, you won't need the oil filter wrench. You can use your hand to remove and tighten it after you install it. 

However, some cars have oil filters located in the area that are difficult to reach by hand. Even though you can reach it, it is still difficult to give proper tightening after you put the new one in it. So, you need this wrench to help you do that job easier.

7. Air Compressor

Having this tool maybe seems overkill. However, you will need it, if you plan to do car maintenance regularly at your home. An air compressor is a tool for many purposes. You can use it to clean the dirt on your car frame, thanks to its high-pressure air spray. You also can use it as a boost for your car paint spray. It gives you a more smooth finish. Or, you can connect it to the water hose and give you a hold on a tool for a proper workshop cleaning process. If you need one of those functions, get this tool right now.

8. Scan Tool or OBDII

Every car that was released after 1996 has a series of code that tells you the condition of the car. This diagnostic code helps many mechanics to find out the error and problems in the car. So, they can save more time and provide the right service for that car.

Now, if you want to do DIY car maintenance, this tool also can be helpful. It helps you to easily find out your car condition, its problems, and many more. However, you also need to have enough knowledge about car mechanics to know what you should do, after you find the problem with this tool. Otherwise, this tool might only cost you more and become the tool that you rarely use.

9. Tire Pressure Gauge

The tire pressure gauge tool is the most important tool that every car owner needs. It doesn't matter whether you want to do DIY car maintenance or take your car to mechanics for maintenance, you still need this tool. The tire pressure gauge tool will measure the pressure level of your car tires. The information you get from this tool will help you to adjust proper pressure according to the standard that your car uses.  

Why is this tool important? A car with non-balance pressure tends to give you a problem during the run. You feel uncomfortable when you drive it. In the worst car, you can even lose your handling, which will cause an accident. So, for your safety, make sure you have this tool and check the tire pressure level before you use the car.

10. Jump Starter (Optional)

Jumpstarter is not necessary for car maintenance. But, in the time you need it, for example, to try to start your car for the test after you do the maintenance, you can use this tool. In the past, jump starters maybe had only one function, which is jump-starting a car battery. However, today, you can find a multi-function jump starter for a car. You can use it, not only for the car but also as a power bank for your mobile device. Try to get that for more advantages. 


DIY car maintenance could be difficult to do. However, it is necessary to keep your car working at its best performance. For that purpose, the 10 tools we explained above will help you to do this routine activity. 

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