Python's most revered creator known as Guido Van Rossum has recently announced that he will come out of retirement to join Microsoft as part of the company's very own Developer Division.

When did Guido Van Rossum create Python?

It was reported by TechRepublic that Van Rossum previously started working on the Python programming language back in 1989 and is now credited with being able to found one of the most popular programming languages in the whole world! Python is also known to be the fastest-growing in the entire world.

According to a Tweet by Van Rossum, he decided to come out of retirement because it was "boring" and announced that he will be joining the Developer Division at Microsoft. When asked what he would do when joining microsoft, he then answered that there are way too many options for him to say and that the only definitive thing he can answer is that they will be using Python much better for sure. He also stated that there is still a lot of open source.

Guido Van Rossum comes out of retirement to join Microsoft

The news was pretty surprising to a number of his followers because of Van Rossum's previous retirement in October of 2019 after having worked as a Principle Engineer over at Dropbox for just shy of seven years. Microsoft expressed how glad it was to have Van Rossum on the team.

According to a  Microsoft spokesperson, the company is very excited to have Van Rossum as part of their own Developer Division and Microsoft is very committed to contribute towards as well as grow with the whole Python community. It was stated that Guido's on-boarding with Microsoft is a direct reflection of the previously stated commitment.

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Guido Van Rossum is still active with Python

Van Rossum has also maintained a very active role in the actual development of Python ever since he previously stepped down as the language's known "benevolent dictator for life" or BDFL back in late 2018. It was stated that he still remains very active in the whole Python development circles and is also the president of the known Python Software Foundation that is responsible for overseeing the language.

His creation is said to have a particular technical tour de force, which is rapidly gaining popularity among a lot of developers and also becoming almost the main de facto language within the whole data science, the machine learning, and also the other emergent fields. It was stated to also play quite a pivotal role in being able to help Netflix video stream over 100 million homes all over the world.

The power of Python has also been able to help the creation and facilitation of the photo-sharing phenomenon known as Instagram as well as aiding the official NASA endeavors into space. According to OSDNMagazine, Python is now even the second most popular language all over the world.

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