Google Chrome and its team are teasing a new version of the browser specifically made to serve the Apple Silicon Macs that are currently shipping out to the owners who have pre-ordered. It is only the first day of the initial release of the Apple MacBooks with the cutting-edge "M1" chips, but Google is already offering a special version of the Chrome.

Apple M1 Google Chrome
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The Mountain View internet and technology giant, Google, is now ready to provide its systems and browser technology for the new Apple MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, and Mac minis that dons the M1 chips. Despite Apple strengthening and pouring significant updates for its Safari, Google enters the scene.

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Google Chrome Enters Apple's M1 Chip Macs Despite New Safari

Google Chrome Safari
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Google Chrome is one of the most trusted browsers that are present in the market and industry today. Most computers and PC laptops utilize Google's Chrome browser as its choice to surf the internet and perform daily functions such as browsing and searching.

Apple's most powerful computers are here and available for its wide public release, leading its first users to download the essential applications needed for the simple functions. Google puts itself on the map as Apple Silicon Mac's choice for a Safari alternative.

The internet company giant is known for lining up its designs to suit several of the famous platform's needs, including Apple's macOS, Android, and Windows OS. Now, Google's Chrome aims to penetrate the new Apple M1 Chip Macs with its browser tools and features.

Google Chrome: Apple Silicon Macs Can Enjoy Optimized Browser

Apple Mac M1
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According to Mac Rumors, Google's new Chrome aims to match the benchmark speed and processing of the Apple M1 Macs, which are seen to be one of the fastest in the generation. Google calls this "Chrome 87," offering several speed improvements on its systems through tab throttling and resource management.

However, early versions of the new Chrome are experiencing crashing issues as the software is still in its early phases of integration to the new M1 chip. Additionally, two versions of Google Chrome can be chosen from its website, one offering a version for "Macs with Intel chips" and the other lists "Macs with Apple chips."

Google's dedicated Chrome team admits on the social media platform, Twitter, that it hit a "snag" regarding the integration process of the new browser version for Apple M1 Macs, which are relatively new. Once the team "unpauses" the download and release, the Chrome for Apple's ARM-based Silicon Macs will receive the new versions.

Apple M1 Chips: Can Google Chrome Fare Well in Silicon's Speeds?

Apple M1 Chip
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Apple notably defeated several of its competitors in the industry, including its former chip processor provider, Intel, particularly its most powerful chip, the Core i9. Additionally, Apple also trashed AMD Radeon RX 560 and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti in the graphics benchmark tests.

The Cupertino giant's "future generation of Macs" relies heavily on the Silicon system-on-chip (SoC) M1 that offers the culmination of everything it previously teased and claimed. Safari that runs on the macOS Big Sur will surely work well with the M1 as Apple optimized the browser's pairing. However, this problem is what Google is facing now.

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