With its game-changing concept of getting strangers to meet, it's no surprise that investors are more than eager to support the newest virtual networking platform "meeow."

The revolutionary networking platform's concept is to bring four business networking people together, at random, allowing each to share their insights and experiences in a secure online conference. Founders Simon Glenn and Chris Rabbit came up with the idea in the middle of the UK lockdown.

However, to fully turn this novel idea into reality, funding is necessary. The founders of meeow have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the needed financial assets. And in less than two weeks since its funding round started, meeow has already raised around £60,000 (almost 80,000 USD) from investors optimistic about the new virtual service into the billion-scale global business networking market. The developers behind the project are past halfway their £150,000 (198,000 USD) target.

Meows On The Path to Global Expansion

Meeow hosts four-person meetings for an hour, in conference rooms, also called "meeows." The participants who register for a set date are then selected at random, ensuring the variety and unpredictability of its business networking participants' backgrounds.

Co-founder Chriss Rabbit said in a statement: "The success and enthusiasm for meeow have taken even us by surprise, and now we are ready to move up a gear." He added that meeow's success and the support it receives had taken their team by surprise.

Rabbit also shared that meeow's success in the UK prompted them to expand to the US. And now, they are looking "to go global." It has recently expanded its services from the UK to the US, establishing a foothold in Nashville, Tennessee. The recent Nashville meows are hosted by Makenzie Stokel, co-founder of the online booking platform EVA.

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"There's only four people, but it's the random nature of how they are chosen and brought together that is so exciting," Stokel said in a previous statement.

Recognizing the great potential of their platform and the support it has been receiving, Rabbit noted: "Now is the time to get on board, right at the very start." Likening it to their randomized video conferences, the co-founder added: "who knows where it can lead? It's going to be an exciting journey."

Positive Reception to the New Networking Platform

Since its first launch on the BETA platform back in July, there has been a sharp increase in the average number of virtual meetings on the new service - from four meows a week in the UK to more than forty-five, plus six more sessions curated by the US-based hosts.

Simon Glenn stressed how meeow is the future of business networking. He explains that its rapid growth attests to how people want to have their meetings now and in the future. Additionally, the meeow co-founder adds on its environmental advantages. "It's greener, more cost-effective, and accessible. Our target is 10,000 users by the end of 2021 and a share of the multi-billion pound global networking industry."

"Networking won't ever be the same and meeting online is better for our carbon footprint and for sustainability. It's also open to so many more people, which is exciting too," Glenn added.

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