"Pokémon Go" will have its second community event for November on Saturday, November 21. For those who missed the earlier Electabuzz Community Day on November 15, this will be another chance for trainers to catch a rare Pokémon and learn a new move. They will also earn some bonuses during the Community Day.

Complete Guide ‘Pokémon  Go’ November 2020 Community Day
(Photo : Pokemon Go Live)
Complete Guide ‘Pokémon Go’ November 2020 Community Day

'Pokémon Go' November 2020 Community Day (Complete Guide)

We have compiled in this complete guide all you need to know about the upcoming "Pokémon Go's" November 2020 Community Day that will feature Pokémon Magmar.

Featured Pokémon: Magmar

The second November 2020 Community Day will feature the Fire-type Pokémon Magmar. Throughout the Community Day, it will emerge more frequently than regular days, so you could catch a Shiny Magmar with much persistence while Magby, Magmar's baby form, will be hatching from 2 km eggs during the event.

Community Day Hours

Like the first November 2020 Community Day, Magmar Community Day will be available for six hours from 11 AM to 5 PM local time. This is twice the three hour period during the traditional event. Trainers could evolve Magmar into a Magmortar until 7 PM local time.

Community Day Featured Move: Thunderbolt

After evolving Marmar, the evolved Magmortar knows Thunderbolt, an Electric-type Charged attack. All Fire Pokemon Magmar that evolves within the Community Day and two hours after the event will learn the move. The Pokemon Go event is the only way for Magmortar to learn this attack, so it is the best opportunity to catch.

Complete Guide ‘Pokémon  Go’ November 2020 Community Day – Featured Pokémon , Moves, Special Research)
(Photo : Pokemon Go Live)
Complete Guide ‘Pokémon Go’ November 2020 Community Day – Featured Pokémon , Moves, Special Research)

Community Day Special Research Tasks

Niantic will also offer an exclusive Special Research story as part of upcoming Community Day. The story is called "No Match for Magmar" which can be accessed by purchasing a for $1 ticket for the story through "Pokemon Go's" in-game shop.

Meanwhile, there will also be Field Research and Timed Research tasks exclusive for the Community Day event. trainers will reap various rewards such as Sinnoh Stones, which are needed in evolving Magmar into Magmortar.

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Other Community Day Bonuses

Meanwhile, Niantic will also offer other bonuses during the Magmar Community Day, aside from the increased Magmar spawns and new Research tasks. First, any Incense used will continue to be active for three hours. Also, during the event, any eggs placed in an incubator will hatch at a quarter of the typically required distance. Additionally, a special Community Day bundle in the Pokemon Go in-game shop for 1,280 Poke Coins. The box will include 30 Ultra Balls, 3 Lucky Eggs, 3 Super Incubators as well as an Elite Charged TM


"Pokémon Go" encourages those who will participate in the Community Day to use the hashtag #PokemonGOCommunityDay when sharing experiences on social media networks.

Updates on temporary bonuses

Updates on temporary bonuses
(Photo : Pokemon Go Live)
Updates on temporary bonuses

Meanwhile, the "Pokémon Go" team gave an update on the temporary bonuses. In a statement posted on the "Pokémon Go" website, some bonuses will become available on November 19 at 6:00 p.m. PST.

These bonuses include increased incense effectiveness that attracts Pokémon more often while the Buddy Pokémon will be bringing in more gifts of up to five gifts at once as well as up to three times every day. While these bonuses are temporary, they will continue to be available throughout the at least until June 2021.

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