A sealed copy of the premium "Super Mario Bros. 3" has recently been sold for a whopping $156,000 at a recent auction! This has reportedly become the most expensive purchase in the entire history of video games at a particular auction.

The auction started at $62,000

An article by Explica has confirmed this purchase to be the most expensive purchase ever of a video game in the history of video games. One of the most revered and most iconic characters in the entire realm of video games, "Mario," the plumber, was previously created by a certain Shigeru Miyamoto.

According to the report, the franchise actually just celebrated its 35th anniversary as well. As per the given report, on November 20, Heritage Auctions was able to sell a certain sealed copy of the popular "Super Mario Bros 3" in a certain auction that initially kicked off at a whopping $62,000  There were reportedly 20 bidders that participated in this given auction.

20 people participated in the auction

report made by Nintendo Life some time earlier this June had a sealed copy of the esteemed "Super Mario Bros." for NES that was able to sell for a record $114,000. This set the record but has been beaten by the recent record at a massive $156,000.

Heritage Auctions has revealed that when all of the 20 bidders really got into the game, it then sent the final price soaring high towards beating the all-time world record during what would become the very first time that the world's first-ever million-dollar game was first auctioned.

According to the statement from the Heritage Auctions director of video games named Valerie McLeckie, it is actually not surprising that yet another "Mario" game has been able to beat the all-time world record. It was stated that what makes this copy even more singular is the total layout of the given package itself. It is also exceedingly rare and contains the word "Bros" formatted to its left covering one of the given Mario's signature white gloves.

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Was the price worth it?

According to McLeckie, this version of the game has very much been sought after and collectors have already spent years just looking for this particular version. The reason why this version is special is also because this was the earliest in the whole "Super Mario Bros. 3" production history.

While some people are still in disbelief as to how much a video game could actually cost, die-hard fans of gaming in general might be able to understand that the rarity of this particular title is the reason why it was able to demand this price. Although not a lot of people are willing to spend $156,000 on a particular game, the recent auction has shown how some people were able to give this game its price.

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