With the global coronavirus pandemic still far from over, NHS Keyworkers are gearing up for what might be the most challenging winter in modern medical history - and a new platform might help make it more bearable.

A revolutionary health and wellbeing platform is set to pilot this coming winter, with thousands of care professionals expected to benefit from the new project. Called "Juice," the social platform serves as the backbone of the latest cooperative from the UK's National Health Service (NHS). Funded by Health Education England (HEE), the NHS launched the platform back in February - in collaboration with Everyday Juice Limited, a collective of human resource and well-being specialists.

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"We want to ensure our staff have greater access to wellbeing advice which will improve their mental and physical health. Juice will help do that and our workforce are looking forward to using this platform," said Wendy Brewer, Workforce and Organisational Development Director at West London NHS Trust, in a previous statement.

Now, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust, also in London, has also invested in the cooperative.

"When we learned of this well-being cooperative between CNWL and West London NHS Trusts, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation were keen to get involved," said Beverley Flint, Head of Business Partnerships (Wellbeing) Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.

An Additional "Juice" To Keep Keyworkers Going

Basically, Juice aims to improve the NHS Keyworkers' wellbeing by providing a platform for them to collaborate with their neighbors in the industry. With Juice, care professionals will now have a one-stop-shop for their health and wellbeing activities and events, making it even easier to communicate and navigate. Also, the user-friendly platform - accessible to its users anytime, anywhere - also allows its users to share their hobbies, interests, and even talents with their colleagues to keep them updated, even from employees of different shifts.

Aside from serving as a common location to keep employees updated with the health and wellness events and keeping them in touch with their fellow keyworkers, Juice also allows staff members to access provisions at a variety of times and locations to make them more accessible.

The Tough Battle of Healthcare Workers

The global coronavirus pandemic has affected close to 60 million people worldwide, with about one and a half million deaths. A scoping review of published studies from the first and second quarters of 2020 revealed that healthcare workers are exposed to a number of physical mental health issues as a result of working in the face of the pandemic.

Additionally, researchers from the Birkbeck University of London identified workplace problems such as bullying, lack of support, and emotional demands associated with the work has caused a strain on the workers' mental health. The report, published in July by the Society of Occupational Medicine, breaks down the risks and factors that lead to stress, burnout, and mental health problems among UK healthcare workers.

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