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COVID-19 might have practically ruined 2020 for most of us, but there are still plenty of things to be grateful for, and many of us get to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.

Virtual Thanksgiving Celebration This 2020

However, due to the ongoing pandemic, everyone is still encouraged to have a distant and safe celebration. There's also limited transportation, especially in and out of the country, so your family abroad may not come this time to celebrate Turkey Day with the rest of the family.

Thankfully, we're at the prime of technology. Zoom and other video conferencing can be used to celebrate Thanksgiving 2020 virtually with our family and friends.

For those who may have forgotten or missed the news, The Next Web reported previously that Zoom would be removing its 40-minute limit for Thanksgiving only, so use this opportunity to reconnect with people you haven't met for the longest time this year.

For many of us, virtual celebrations are becoming normal, especially as we had to celebrate special occasions this year socially and physically distant from our friends, with various occasions from birthdays and funerals live-streamed so distant relatives and loved ones can at least enjoy or mourn together.

Since many of our youths have grown up with technology, live streaming such events and hosting a virtual Thanksgiving isn't hard, but if you need a guide, here is Tech Times' guide on how to live stream an event.

There are also some virtual games you can play with the fam over Zoom.

To complete the virtual celebration, here are several GIFs you can send over to family and friends to laugh about and talk about:

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Start with some turkey action...

It's Turkey Day and we love it!


...and share with your FRIENDS friends.

You can impress them with your own shimmie moves.


Make sure the list is complete...

The sides are what make the meal complete, so never forget them!


...and don't forget the main dish!

Yes! Drown the turkey in the gravy!


I mean, you know you want that turkey now.

Not THIS turkey, for sure. Hope it didn't ruin your appetite.


Oh, don't forget your Thanksgiving pants!

You'll need it, trust Joey.


Your Thanksgiving pants are REALLY important.

If you don't have one, GET ONE NOW.


It's now time for the main event: THE FOOD!


Forget about dieting, it's the Ultimate Cheat Day!

Seriously, no ones really dieting today.


Eat the whole turkey if you want...

After all, you might be celebrating Thanksgiving 2020 on your own.


...or stuff yourself with more stuffing.

Stuffing or more stuffing? We can't decide.


COVID-19 might still be here, but we're celebrating Thanksgiving!

Rona can't stop us from eating turkey all day.


Most importantly, let's all be thankful.

2020 is really bad, but at least we're still here.


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