Regardless of whether the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing or not, some of your family and friends may not be able to attend your next event, so to make it feel like they are there to celebrate the special moment with you, learn how to live stream your event like a pro.

how to live stream events for family and friends
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Here's how you can live stream events for your family and friends.

Make sure the audio is good

According to Popular Science, live streaming is all about good audio. To set up the sounds, you'll need to have a dedicated directional microphone set up close to the people talking, such as the bride, the groom, and the wedding officiant. Although your computer, camera, or web camera has a built-in microphone, it typically picks up too much noise from your surrounding.

Some equipment you can get for live streaming includes wireless lapel mics or a USB microphone you can set up near the speakers.

These microphones can get a little pricey, but you can guarantee the audio. But if you don't have much budget, you can check Amazon and other online stores for good deals.

PopSci recommended a Blue Yeti microphone that can reach $130.

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How to guarantee some good video as well

If you have a Yeti microphone, you can directly connect it to your smartphone with either a USB-C to USB-A or Lightning to USB-A adapter, depending on your phone. These days, most people own an iPhone, which has a great camera, which works well for live streaming.

But if you have more budget, or you already have some of these devices, you can use them as well.

For example, most modern DSLR cameras or mirrorless cameras can be connected to a computer as a webcam, but it doesn't last long most of the time, as they can overheat and runs on battery.

Then again, your best choice is your smartphone, and you can download several apps that allow you to connect your smartphone to your computer and connect it as a webcam, including the following:

  • Camo: For now, it only works with iOS devices, but it's an expensive option at $40 for a full year of license.

  • Epoccam Pro: If you have less budget, this option is only for $8 and works for iOS to any PC or Mac.

  • DroidCamX Pro: If you have an Android device, this app works for Android and iOS devices to any Linux or Windows PCs.

You'll also want to use a USB cable as much as possible, then you can also add a tripod for a stable video feed.

What's the best streaming option?

There are several streaming options, from Zoom to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, depending on where most of your guests and audience are.

The best choice so far is Zoom's Video Webinar, which allows around 100 attendees and gives you more control over how people can view the stream, plus it's already familiar to most people nowadays.

Of course, you also need to guarantee your internet is fast enough to stream seamlessly and always test both your hardware and any software you're using. Check everything, including the cables you need to use, and make sure your computer won't go to sleep and updates are scheduled before or after the event.

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