AMD's Big Navi new GPU could have reportedly been in shorter supply during their launch compared to their rival Nvidia's Ampere models. This information comes from a report bringing disappointing news that suggested that the new RX 6000 GPUs will be much more plentiful compared to what Nvidia had managed.

AMD Big Navi alleged launch fail

A story from VideoCardz highlighted the given stats coming from a particular European retailer as well as the overall view of the stock's troubles with the supply of the RX 6800 and the 6800 XT models. The figures reportedly come from the Danish retailer known as Proshop, which VideoCardz has said to be monitoring for the stock levels of Nvidia's RTX 3000 stock levels.

The site reportedly points out that both the known RTX 3080 and 3090 were known to be extremely thin during its launch. However, the RTX 3070 numbers were seen "in the hundreds" for the Proshop even before it was able to hit the known virtual shelves. The stock, however, was still not enough for it to be able to cope up with the high demand, but on the front of AMD, Proshop has only both received and sold 125 RX 6800 as well as the 6800 XT GPUs, most of them were being the former, all of them were reference boards.

No AMD Big Navi stock available

The Big Navi third-party custom GPUs, which were released some time earlier this week were reportedly worse as Proshop received nothing and had only nine coming in, according to the report. Of course, this is still a single report and according to the complete story by TechRadar, there still has to be a lot of different factors to be considered before drawing a particular conclusion. Over in the United States, a number of the major retailers were also completely empty of the stock. Even Micro Center reportedly did not have a single model for it to sell.

The report made by VideoCardz outlined the whole situation in the UK noting that the Scan currently has no available stock as well as Overclockers. In fact, a rep from the latter also noted that it is now highly unlikely for the custom models to show up this week and that stocks might be available as late as next week still.

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AMD's Frank Azor defends company

The Overclockers representative notes that the online retailer might even struggle to see just a few hundred cards this coming Christmas, which is definitely not good news for those excited to get their hands on this AMD GPU for the holidays.

AMD's very own chief architect of gaming solutions known as Frank Azor stated that AMD would even do Nvidia when it came to their GPU launch but now looking back, the claim now seems like an unwise move. Azor then revealed on Twitter that he was even able to order the known RX 6800 from the official AMD website himself after having hit the refresh button a couple of times.

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