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The year is about to end and while December is finally here, this might be a good time to reflect more on 2020 with music. Apple Music Spotify Wrapped feature comes in today and the Wrapped version shows Spotify users their personal most-played song for 2020. Apple users, on the other hand, have Apple Music replay 2020 for year in review which is their version of the Spotify Wrapped.

How to Get Apple Music Wrapped

An article by Distractify introduces the Apple Music Replay 2020 feature which is the easiest way to see what are the users' most played songs this year. Originally, the feature first came out in November of 2019 and the simplest way to access this is by typing "Apple Replay" directly into google and going straight to the

For those with an Apple ID, all that needs to be done is to use the Apple Music subscription and check out the top tracks for 2020. The Apple Music Spotify Wrapped equivalent is reportedly on the same level. In fact, the Apple Replay 2020 feature was actually launched quite ahead of its time. This meant users could easily listen to Replay at just about any point during the entire year.

Apple Music vs Spotify Wrapped

Even though the feature was intentionally created to be a way to end the year, this feature is actually updated on a daily basis so the Apple Music Replay 2020 can be used by players to check their favorite songs whenever they want. Apple Music has also made it quite possible for users to be able to save their own Replay playlists by simply clicking the +Add button or just share their music with the other Apple Music members.

The downside of Apple Music Replay 2020 is that it can only use music within the library so if users add certain obscure music coming from their collection, this might not reflect within the Replay. This feature, however, still does not seem to be quite popular, which might actually be due to the main fact that Spotify in general has allegedly more users. According to an article by Musically, Spotify has about 286 million users as well as about 130 million subscribers.

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Spotify wrapped so far

Apple Music is said to have only 60 million subscribers which is just half the users of Spotify but this could also be due to the fact that Apple Music is only available for iOS users while Spotify supports any type of OS even Android. The data that was given, however, was from the tally recorded in February of this year so the numbers could be different now.

Another benefit that Spotify has is for those that don't really mind the ads, they could easily listen for free while Apple Music requires users to pay up before availing membership. An account by Honey @K_Yassah on Twitter posted pictures to visualize the difference between the two music streaming services.

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