Caution! There were at least 300,000 different Spotify accounts that were allegedly hacked just this summer. The hack exposed login credentials, email addresses, and also other user data in the whole process. Hacking, although still shocking, is not that uncommon in the tech world but this might be the biggest hack of Spotify just yet.

What do hackers target?

According to the story by ScreenRant, other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter are also not exempted from hacking within the tech world. A brand new report actually sheds light on the whole issue that Spotify is currently facing.

In the whole 14 years ever since the company started, Spotify has been able to establish itself as maybe the most prominent music streaming service that now claims to have a whopping 320 million users around the world. However, with the size of Spotify and its expansive design, this pretty much makes the company a prime target for malicious hackers.

Spotify users' account hack

According to the findings of vpnMentor, they were able to uncover a particular database along with over a whopping 380 million records that were all linked to about 300,000-350,000 different suspected Spotify users.

vpnMentor then stated that it worked along with Spotify in order to confirm the database did belong to particular hackers that were using these accounts to defraud both the users and Spotify itself. The company then stated that it was able to assist Spotify with both isolating this issue as well as protecting its customers from the said attacks.

vpnMentor then offered a July 3-21 timeline starting from when the said database was initially discovered up to when the action against the said database had finally finished.

To fix the given issue, vpnMentor stated that Spotify had then implemented what was then known as a certain password "rolling reset" for the affected accounts. Beyond this, Spotify still does not have enough resources that is dedicated to finally determine if an account has indeed been hacked or not.

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Spotify user data compromised

To defend itself against potential threats, Spotify will offer a series of different tips and suggestions. The company has given recommendation to its users to change and reset their given password into a stronger password.

Spotify now suggests users to change the known password for any of the services or apps that is well associated with the Spotify account.

After users change their initial password, they will then be given an option to "sign out everywhere" which allows them to get rid of unwanted or even unknown devices.

The whole issue is yet to come to a conclusion as to whether or not these Spotify hackers will be permanently barred from the music streaming service. As of the moment, it is still up to Spotify users to protect their own accounts.

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