The world is on its last month of 2020, and Spotify is here to give people a chance to view and track their music streaming progress with the annual Wrapped 2020 Stats. Users are now allowed to look at how they fared in music streaming, genre, top artists, favorite playlists, music tastes, and other stats available on the platform.

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One of the world's largest and most popular music streaming platforms, Spotify, is now rolling out the chance to view one's music progresses and statistics that can determine the taste and artist streamed on one's profile. The results can be shared on social media and boast to people the type of music that befits one's taste and personality.

Spotify Wrapped 2020 Music Stats: Now Available Worldwide

The Spotify Wrapped 2020 Stats will also give the public insight into the world's top music, artists, playlists, podcasts, and more. Spotify's initiative is aimed to share music streaming stats on a much larger scale compared to playlist sharing, link sharing, and social media reposting.

Music industry not happy with Spotify’s new streaming deal
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Music industry not happy with Spotify’s new streaming deal

According to HITC, the Swedish music streaming company would first showcase the world's Spotify Wrapped 2020 Stats before a personalized feature that would let people highlight their music taste and top lists. The annual Spotify Wrapped list gives recognition to global music artists who fared well in the overall statistics, specific genres, and numerous categories present on the platform.

If Spotify would continue the pattern, the global statistics would first be showcased in the platform, which mirrors 2019's Wrapped Stats that began on the first week of December. The personalized feature would follow two days later, giving the public a chance to see their music taste and track, then choose to showcase it through selected social media platforms.

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Spotify Wrapped Stats 2020 So Far: Here's How to See Your Summary Progress

Spotify faces outage
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Users were unable to listen to music as it kept skipping every 10 seconds.

Viewing one's progress is relatively simple and easy to do under the Spotify Wrapped 2020 Stats feature. The public who would like to know their progress only needs to go to Spotify Wrapped's official website or use the mobile or desktop application to run its algorithm and AI software to determine the user's 2020 music progress.

Users would also need to link their Spotify account to the website or redirect log-in page to collect data and let the company run its software for you. This feature would already do its functions and determine the music that has made your 2020 streaming and listening experience a whole.

Spotify Wrapped Stats 2020 would give users the feature to see their Top 5 Most Listened Artists, Most Streamed Songs, Playlists, Genres, listening times, and more. Other categories that differ from the regular ones would also surprise users to see their taste in music. The software would mainly base itself on one's listening progress and expose one's statistics to even come as a surprise.

According to Pop Buzz, Spotify would collect user data from January 1, 2020, until October 31, 2021. These data would give users significant music taste in the different categories present on the Wrapped 2020 stats. The bad news is that newly released albums from November 1 to the present would not be included despite how much it influenced their music taste.

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