Apple's M1 chip might soon a worthy opponent since AMD is allegedly developing new chips to rival the giant manufacturer's product. AMD might be working on not just one, but two variants of the rumored chips.

Apple M1 Could Have Rival Chips? AMD Is Allegedly Working On Two Variants; A Well-Known Hardware Leaker Tweeted the News
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An Apple employee points to the Touch Bar on a new Apple MacBook Pro laptop during a product launch event on October 27, 2016 in Cupertino, California. Apple Inc. unveiled the latest iterations of its MacBook Pro line of laptops and TV app.

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As of the moment, Apple M1 MacBooks are making some noise because of its great features. Many users also provided positive feedback regarding their experience.

However, AMD might secretly be close to launching a rival chip that will give the M1 chip some great competition. According to TechRadar's latest report, ever since Apple launched its in-house chip, AMD and Intel's dominance was already threatened because of Apple's stellar performance while helping the users ut down their electricity charges.

AMD's two processor behemoths

Since AMD seems to be ready to launch its two new chips, it might have a chance to regain its lost market share with the help of ARM. Mauri QHD, a well-known hardware leaker, shared a tweet stating that AMD is almost finished developing the two versions of its M1 competitor.

Apple M1 Could Have Rival Chips? AMD Is Allegedly Working On Two Variants; A Well-Known Hardware Leaker Tweeted the News
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Customers at the Apple Store try out a new MacBook laptop computer July 19, 2006 in San Francisco, California. Apple Computer Inc. announced that third quarter profits surged 48 percent due in large part to increased sales of Macintosh computers.

Mauri also stated that one of the chips has integrated RAM and the other product doesn't. However, the popular hardware leaker hasn't released any additional information regarding the two alleged chips.

There are still some users who don't believe the tweet.

"Almost ready means years. They can't even ship 5000 series CPUs," said @mmoran27 jokingly.

"Maybe? idk," replied Mauri QHD.

As of the moment, many rumors claim that AMD already has a chip-based on the 64-bit ARM v8 design in its portfolio. This chip is called "K12 Core." However, it wasn't able to reach the market.

Many people suggest that tie new chips will most likely be based on the K12 chip.

Where to get Apple M1 MacBook Pro

Since AMD's rumored chips are not launched yet, it is still better to try Apple's M1 MacBook Pro to experience the great features first hand. BGR reported that you can buy this product at a cheap price on Amazon since the online shop is offering it with a $100 discount.

A great deal is released because of Cyber Week 2020, an event where many retailers are offering electronic products with good discounts. As of the moment, Amazon has a new double discount that lets Apple fans have the new brand new 13-inch MacBook Pro with $100 off.

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