My how the mighty have fallen.

Just a few days ago the actor who portrays strong man (and douchebag) Gaston from Beauty and the Beast at the Walt Disney World park in Florida went viral when a video surfaced online of the actor completely demolishing a man foolish enough to challenge him to a push-up contest. Turns out those biceps aren't just for show. You've probably seen it, but if you haven't watch it below.

That brings us to today. Apparently unaware of Gaston's physical prowess, an 11-year-old girl confidently challenges the man to an arm wrestling contest. It doesn't go as Gaston planned, though. Watch the video below.

This battle was over before it even began. From the very start the girl got inside Gaston's head, distracting him with a mirror as he obsessed over his good looks. The pair then took their places at the arm wrestling arena of Gaston's choice (is that a trashcan?). When asked by Gaston if she had been practicing, she defiantly replies "I don't need practice."

Gaston should have known something was up then and there, but the character isn't known for his mental acumen. As someone begins to say "Ready," the girl strikes, pinning Gaston's hand to the ground in an instant before running off. Gaston then spends the next several minutes in disbelief and complaining about how she cheated. Which she technically did, but that's beside the point. Stick to push-ups, Gaston. Nobody can outsmart you at push-ups.

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