The International Space Station (ISS) is the fastest way to travel the Earth via Near-Orbital space method according to SpaceX's CEO Elon Musk after the successful docking of Cargo Dragon 2 in the station. There are currently two SpaceX Dragon spacecraft docked on the ISS, also joining its speed of sound traveling rate that orbits the Earth at all times.

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The Space Exploration Technologies' (SpaceX) eccentric chief, Elon Musk, expressed his amazement towards the ISS, particularly its speed as it goes around the Earth, faster than the planet's orbit. The amazed Elon Musk shared that this is the fastest method to travel the Earth in long-distance journeys.

Elon Musk is back again on Twitter to share his discoveries and knowledge to the public, now putting his targets right on the ISS after the recently concluded success of the new Cargo Dragon 2's launch. NASA's Commercial Crew Program has tasked Musk and SpaceX to bring supplies and other needs to the space station for its seven passengers.

According to Elon Musk's Twitter post (@elonmusk), the ISS is called a "station," but the large haven for scientists who carry on research and Earth studies in space are continually moving and orbiting the Earth. The space station joins the Earth as it orbits and moves around the Sun, even faster than the planet's rotational speed.

Musk added that the ISS is a fast vessel that travels ten times faster than a rifle bullet speed when fired, which ranges from 1,200 mph to 2,800 mph. Moreover, the rate is comparable to 25 times the speed of sound, one of the fastest measuring standards, 761 miles per hour.

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Elon Musk: Near-orbital Space is the Fastest Way to Travel; Will SpaceX Offer This Soon?

The SpaceX chief has been dropping knowledge bombs to his followers and the public via his Twitter account, particularly with the International Space Station's out-of-this-world information, to which Dragons are docked. Musk shows his fascination over the space station that stands its ground despite its long commission in orbit.

(Photo : NASA)

Elon Musk shared another tweet that replied to a video of the ISS that travels above Shanghai, China, to South Korea in seconds. Here, the CEO said that "near-orbital space is the fastest way" to travel a long journey on the planet.

Near-orbital space travel is the method in which spacecraft and objects lock themselves in the Earth's orbit and go along or ahead of the planet's speed. The technique is relatively simple, with the spaceship staying locked in position and using gravity to anchor itself and the natural flow of space to propel it to move.

Musk previously teased that SpaceX would "bring humans" to orbit, particularly with the Crew Dragon spaceship. Commercial space travel or sight-seeing on the Earth's orbit may soon be possible with SpaceX's designs and innovations, aiming to commercialize intergalactic experiences for everyone.

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