"Pokemon GO" recently announced that there would be a kind of "Throwback" event to commemorate Generation I's influence on the entire landscape of the franchise with the Tour Kanto Event that would come in 2021. The event would require a player to purchase a ticket to join the different features and functions in 2021's celebration of the game's most popular edition.

The "Pokemon GO" Tour Kanto Event would bring back the old school Pokemon Red and Green games that popularized the Pokemon franchise in the world. 

According to Pokemon GO Live's website, the Kanto Event would be a culmination of two celebrations from the franchise that sparked the global craze on the "kawaii" (Japanese for "cute") pocket monsters launched in the early 90s. The anniversary of both Pokemon and Pokemon GO's release in February would mark the event's start, featuring the region where the franchise started, Kanto. 

The event features two separate and equally-unique experiences with the Pokemon Red and Green options to choose from. Each ticket is priced at $11.99, offering the pass to experience PokeWorld's Generation I once again. 

Like its Nintendo Game Boy's counterpart game, "Pokemon Red" and "Pokemon Green" each have its unique feature and exclusive freebies, items, Pokemon, etc., to receive in playing the game. The present generation's AR "Pokemon GO" would mimic the same offers, with different inclusions on either Poke version. 

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'Pokemon GO' Tour Kanto Event Guide: Quest

Exclusive Move for Tier 3 Evolution of First 3 Starters

Evolving your Ivysaur, Charmeleon, and Wartortle would give a special attack or skill move to the Tier 3 evolution of the first three starters from Pokemon's Generation I. According to Attack of the Fanboy, Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise will have the following attacks:

  • Venusaur - Frenzy Plant
  • Charizard - Blast Burn
  • Blastoise - Hydro Cannon

Kanto's Legendary: Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, and Mewtwo

Moreover, the Kanto Event would bring four of the Legendary Pokemon back to the game on 5-star raids to collect them all. Special moves are also joining these legendaries for the event day, including:

  • Articuno - Hurricane
  • Moltres - Sky Attack
  • Zapdos - Thunder Shock
  • Mewtwo - Psystrike

Shiny and Everything Rare

A boosted chance of encountering 151 of the Generation I Pokemon with the Kanto Event ticket is up for grabs, featuring the Shiny and Rare versions of the creatures. Fancying the shinies? This event might be your chance.

Special Research Quest: Kanto Edition

Special Research would also join the Kanto Event, focusing more on the region's Pokemon and offers. Completing the task would give an exclusive, event-special Pokemon from the research.

Second Special Research Quest: Shiny Mew

Complete the first Special Research Quest would allow trainers to open up the second task for the Kanto Event. The next special Pokemon is the legendary psychic-type god of all Pokemon, the shiny Mew. 

Bonus Special: January and February Community Day and Kanto Event Bundle

Here is every trainer's chance to take advantage of "Pokemon GO's" offers as the Kanto Event ticket for the 25th Anniversary of Pokemon Red and Green would also feature Community Day specials for both January and February 2021. Tickets purchased before January 13 would make this deal available, with the February 20 Kanto Event itself.  

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