GMC brought the prototype of the first Hummer EV to Milford and further up north in Michigan to test the "Supertruck's" capabilities in icy conditions on its Winter Testing phase of the electric pickup truck. The 1,000 horsepower electric vehicle is one of the most anticipated releases in more than a year from now but already sold-out on pre-orders.

GMC Hummer EV Capabilities

The American vehicle manufacturer, General Motors, has now tasked its truck company division, known as GMC, to test further the Hummer EV's capabilities in a different environment that focuses on cold areas. The company's decision to test out the new pickup truck EV is ideal to know the Hummer's limitations and market availability in said areas. 

According to GMC's website, the highly-anticipated 1,000HP "Supertruck" already arrived on Milford's proving grounds, which the EV already run through and performed its tests. The Hummer EV would soon venture up to the northern regions of Michigan to properly test its capabilities in colder environments and see how it would fare there. 

The company said that if the Hummer EV shows promising results and please its quality checkers, the production of the pickup truck would begin in the Fall of 2021. The Winter Testing of GMC's soon releasing 2022 electric pickup is critical to the EV's development and future sale, directed towards the Hummer's overall functions and features.

GMC said that it would update the public on the car's development and performance regarding its Winter Testing. The vehicle is already doing well in public knowledge and anticipation, making it one of the most sought-after electric cars that would soon release in 2022. 

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GMC's Hummer EV: 1,000HP Truck is Already Sold Out on Pre-orders!

According to the Detroit Press, GMC's Vice President Duncan Aldred said that pre-orders for the 2022 Hummer EV pickup trucks are already sold out, ten minutes after its sale went up live online. The new pickup truck already costs a massive $112 thousand, but that did not matter for people who wanted to have the high tech pickup from General Motors.

The Hummer EV Edition 1's sold-out status have no news regarding the next availability from the company. Also, Aldred did not disclose how many Hummer EVs went on sale before the company closed out its pre-order selling last Tuesday. 

GMC initially revealed the Hummer EV last October, and it already became the most-watched video of the company, with massive interests surrounding its existence. The company is now opening up an online queue for those interested in pre-order the Hummer EV Edition 1, but the wait would be long as the car would not be released until 2022. 

Hummer EV was created by the engineers who designed 2020's Corvette, and all have used virtual testing, which will be General Motors' standard for creating future vehicles. The 1,000HP electric pickup is being manufactured on GM's Factory Zero in Detroit and Hamtramck. 

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