Tesla Rivals
(Photo : elonTV via YouTube )

Tesla's all-electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck, would not be the only star of 2021 to shine on the electric vehicle manufacturing industry as the competition adds and challenges the established EV company. Well-known brands and start-ups are now gearing up for the 2021 releases of their electric pickups with General Motors, Ford, Rivian, and more.

Tesla Cybertruck
(Photo : Tesla)

One of the most favorite electric vehicle manufacturers and clean energy companies, Tesla, would soon have stiff competition come 2021 when the "electric pickup craze" catches on, and rival companies release their versions. Established American companies like General Motors Corporation (GMC) and Ford are now transitioning to electric power and soon catching up with Tesla.

As early as today, Tesla would be facing five competitions that already have working units and revealed them to the public. Tesla is yet to unveil its actual prototype of the Cybertruck that is still under wraps. Current images and iterations of the Cybertrucks are based on Tesla's engineering render, concept, and displays in museums.

YouTube channel influencer called "elonTV," recently posted a video that shows the competitions Tesla's Cybertruck would face, as early as the present. The rival companies are already gearing up to take on Tesla and its market superiority in a fully electric production vehicle.

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Tesla Cybertruck Rivals: Top 5 Electric Pick-up Truck Competition in 2021

The entry of 2021 is beneficial to Tesla, mainly because of its excellent CAPEX efficiency listings and ventures that solidify the company. Tesla's Cybertruck already boasts of top-notch specs with a low introductory price of $40,000.

Additionally, Tesla foresees a bright year ahead because of its "silent-killer" product, the Tesla Solar Roof, that predicts a significant rise in sales and demand among a handful of households in the country and the rest of the world. However, these five electric vehicles below might change Tesla's perception and make it look behind its rear-view mirrors.

Bollinger B2

Bollinger B2
(Photo : Bollinger)

Bollinger calls its fully-electric pickup "The World's Most Capable Pickup Truck" with the vehicle's massive capacity and size. Bollinger B2's is one of the most massive pickups in this list, with a 6 (length) by 4 (width) footbed that can lengthen itself to 8 ft. and 2 inches when removing the rear seats for maximum cargo capabilities. The car sports a boxy and retro look, with a massive 614 HP, 5,000 lb. payload, and 200-mile EPA Range Test.

Base Price: $125,000

Ford F150 Electric

Ford F150 Electric
(Photo : Ford via YouTube Screenshot)

Ford's F150 holds one of the most iconic names in pickup truck history, and now, the company is debuting an electric version of the behemoth. The pickup is one of America's most favorite vehicle of choice, and its transition to electric may help boost its popularity. However, this Ford pickup truck would release by 2022 but would begin its pre-order sales by 2021.

Base Price: $45,000 to $50,000 (estimated)

GMC Hummer EV

GMC Hummer EV
(Photo : GMC)

General Motors Corporation is reviving its fan-favorite "Hummer" vehicle but not as an SUV, rather an all-electric pickup truck that already boasts its massive spec sheet and features. The Hummer EV would debut with a powerful 1,000 HP electric motor that can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than three seconds. GMC also offers this vehicle as a 2022 release but would have its pre-orders by 2021.

Base Price: $80,000

Lordstown 2021 Endurance

Lordstown 2021 Endurance
(Photo : Lordstown)

Lordstown's take on electric pickup trucks gives birth to the 2021 Endurance that boasts the "Fewest Moving Parts" equipped on a vehicle. The car would feature in-hub independent motors on each of the EV's wheels. Lordstown claims that there would be less maintenance, which leads customers to more savings. The 2021 Endurance would have 250 miles of range (or more) with 600 HP.

Base Price: $52,500

Rivian R1T

Rivian R1T
(Photo : Rivian )

Rivian is one of the most known names for electric vehicle ventures this 2020 because of the innovations it now has. Rivian's R1T is dubbed as "Tesla version of Pick-up," which was the first company to debut an all-electric pickup that is now available for pre-order. Rivian's R1T boasts a long list of features, including a 750HP electric motor, a massive 11,000 towing capacity, 400 miles (and more) of range, etc.

Base Price: $69,000

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