It seems like Instagram made a bad choice after it banned a reliable account debunking COVID-19 myths and misinformation. The @coronavirusfactchecks account, which uses easily shareable medical information to correct COVID-19 misinformation, was mass reported by anti-vaxxers and coronavirus deniers.

To give you more idea, these people don't believe in vaccines and the ongoing pandemic. They are the ones claiming that vaccines have negative effects and the novel coronavirus is not real.

According to News.Com.Au's latest report, the Instagram account was disabled after it shared 36 posts. The ban was reasonable since Instagram's policy states that it will deactivate the accounts that receive a flood of reporting. However, the giant social media platform is not looking into why people are reporting the account.

Popular debunkers are not happy about it

Abbie Richards, a well-known influencer because of her informative videos debunking disinformation and conspiracies, posted a tweet stating that the account was a reliable source.

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She said that the IG page was providing well-cited, easily shareable medical information to battle COVID-19 misinformation. Richards also explained that Instagram should give bring back the account since the people who reported it are anti-vaxxers.

The Coronavirus Fact Checks account also posted on its other social media pages when its IG account was banned. The created made a back-up Facebook account and began posting on Twitter to keep the original account alive.

It still shares short and concise posts to fight conspiracy theories, myths, and other disinformation about COVID-19. As of the moment, Instagram hasn't released any update if it'll bring back the account.

What is Facebook doing?

NPR previously reported that Facebook is banning false claims about COVID-19 vaccines. These information are only considered fake when public health experts debunked them. Last week, the mother company of Instagram announced that it already updated its misinformation policy to include vaccine-related content.

It also confirmed that it will start removing false conspiracy theories and claims about the COVID-19 jab since a vaccine is expected to enter the United States.

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