Apple is reportedly working on a Tesla-Inspired EV with TSMC self-driving car chips. Although the tech giant's project has been inactive for a while, rumors state that it has made significant improvements lately.

Previously, Apple replaced its project leader with someone who is more knowledgeable and have more experience in the AI sector. Auto Evolution reported that the smartphone manufacturer is already preparing to move to the next important stage of its new car project.

This transition will allow Apple to reach possible suppliers for quotations so that it can start making its first electric vehicle. Apple also wants to speak with other automotive electronics companies to have more pricing details for the components it needs to develop the potential Apple car.

How will Apple develop its Tesla-inspired car?

As of the moment, many people claim that Apple will only develop a very advanced self-driving system and not the whole electric vehicle. However, reports suggest that Apple could really create a Tesla-inspired car.

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The tech giant manufacturer could create its EV by reaching out to its long-term partner TSMC. It is also rumored that TSMC is the one that will provide Apple with a self-driving chip that will power the upcoming vehicle.

Right now, the smartphone manufacturer is also planning to create a production facility in the United States that would be used to manufacture the upcoming Apple car. The company will begin working on it once the project makes further advancements.

Many sources claim that the new EV could arrive in 2024 or 2025. Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple's top analyst, also estimated that the car could arrive as early as 2023.

Apple's AI lead takes over the EV project

According to Macrumors' previous report, Bob Mansfield, Apple Car development leader, has retired. Because of this news, John Giannandrea, Apple's artificial intelligence leader, took over the position.

This means that Giannandrea is now the one who will handle Apple's Project Titan. Hundreds of engineers will be under his watch during the ongoing project. The transition of the leader could help improve Apple's upcoming EV since the new leader has more experience when it comes to AI because he is the company's senior vice president of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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