In this day and age, you can never be too careful about the people around you. There are a lot of negative elements in the society which is why you need a good service to find information about people.

CocoFinder is one of the most popular names in this regard. It provides you with information and details on people that are hard to find by other mediums. In fact, some of CocoFinder's features are so amazing that it makes people wonder 'Is CocoFinder actually legit?'

Here is a detailed review describing CocoFinder and all that it does for you. Use the information provided here to make a safe decision about whether or not you should use CocoFinder.

CocoFinder Overview

CocoFinder is a people search service that can give you detailed information about a person based on any little information you have that relates to them, such as their name, phone number, etc.

It has a simple search engine interface that you can use as easily as doing a Google search. Simply enter the information you have on them and hit on the Search button. CocoFinder will then run through its databases and find the relevant information available about them.

Searches available on CocoFinder

CocoFinder provides the following options when searching for details about a person:

People Search:

With people search, you can run an entire background on someone by searching for them through first name, last name, city, and state of residence. If you do not have any of this information, you can still do the search.

Reverse Phone Lookup:

Reverse phone lookup provides the identity of an unknown phone number. You can simply enter the phone number, click on the search button and CocoFinder will tell you who owns it. You can click here to know who called you via CocoFinder.

Address Lookup:

Address lookup is useful when you want to find out who lives at any particular address. This is a useful feature for getting the background of people living near you.

White Pages:

White Pages provides information based on the registered telephone users in the area. This is a useful feature for reconnecting with someone from your past.

Background Check:

If you want to get into extensive details about a person, such as their criminal records and employment history, the background check feature will be the perfect one for you.

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How CocoFinder Works?

People often wonder how a platform like CocoFinder gets the information it provides to you. After all, most people want to avoid accessing information if it is provided by improper means.

This is why CocoFinder uses legal and safe ways to get information about people. CocoFinder is integrated with public records databases.

When you do a search through CocoFinder, CocoFinder runs through these databases and finds the correct results for you.

Since the databases used are public records, the information is more accurate than other alternatives you can think of.

CocoFinder Use Cases

There are many scenarios in which CocoFinder searches turn out to be what you need. Some of these include:

Reconnecting with friends:

CocoFinder is a great option to check on the people from your past that you lost with time. You can talk to your old friends and find out what they are doing in the present.

Finding Criminal history;

When you meet new people, it is always important to find out if they are safe to be around. Criminal history tracker provides information on their arrest records, criminal records, and even traffic records.

Protecting your family:

In order to make sure your family is safe, you need to find out about the people living near you. Doing a background check on your neighbours will let you know if your kids are safe in the neighbourhood.

Missed caller identity:

Find out who owns the phone number from which you are getting missed calls. Finding missed caller identity is helpful to decide whether or not you should call them back.

Finding information on yourself:

A lot of people use CocoFinder to find out what information is available about them online. This is quite helpful when applying for employment or renting a new apartment.

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Is CocoFinder Legit?

Yes, CocoFinder is a completely legal background check service. The information obtained by CocoFinder is from reliable sources that are already made public.

Therefore, finding out information about any person on CocoFinder is completely safe and legit. However, how you use that information is up to you. CocoFinder provides a list of do's and don'ts for using the background check information on a person.

Follow these tips so that you know how you can legally use the background check information obtained from CocoFinder. For example, you cannot use this information to make hiring decisions about a person.

CocoFinder User Support

One of the reasons that make CocoFinder so good is its user support team. They are quite helpful when you face any issue and the issue is resolved quickly.

If you want information related to you removed from CocoFinder, you can contact the user support team for that purpose as well.

In order to get in touch with CocoFinder's user support, send an email at


All in all, CocoFinder is one of the best people finder services on the internet and you can use it without any second thoughts. It is a completely legal service, just be sure you follow the tips provided on the platform.

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