Previously, it seemed like Google Assistant already settled with its current design. As of the moment, the feature offers an activation panel, which is half as tall. This design is pretty good since Google Assistant's responses don't take too much space.

However, the company confirmed that it is releasing a new format of Google Assistant that will soon be available to all Android devices. The tech giant company is now testing the new design, which will bring the light bar feature.

According to 9to5Google's latest report, Google first tested the design in June. The new feature's most obvious change is the light bar, which activates when the users activate Google Assistant. You can see this on the lower sides of Android smartphones.

What the new Google Assistant looks like

The new format puts all Google Assistant's features at the bottom of your device's screen before the service's panel slides up. The new panel is also taller than the previous version.

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It also shows a centered Assistant logo, which includes the message "Hi, how can I help?" at the bottom of your screen. The message will be followed by a carousel that features a Lens shortcut.

After showing it, the panel will then provide the actions you can do with the apps installed on your Android smartphone. On the other hand, you'll see the Snapshot feed if you look at the bottom-left corner of your screen. The new keyboard input will also have a new icon, which is located on the screen's right corner.

Compared to the previous design, the new format removes the center pill and allows you to swipe Google Assistant up to show the list of "Things you can try." Right now, reports state that the new Google Assistant is suffering from a bug, which leads to double icons.

Adding routines shortcuts in Google Assistant

This trick will help you in adding Google Assistant Routines Shortcuts to your Home Screen.

Droid Life reported that the first thing you need to do is open Routines in the Google Assistant. You can do this by simply saying the word "Routines."

After that, you must tap the Routines section. This will allow you to see all your custom routines. To create a Routines shortcut, all you need to do is look for the arrow icon beside the "Save" button. Once you do this, you can now add your Google Assistant Routine shortcuts to your smartphone's Home Screen.

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