Waze GPS application recently released its holiday mode and joins the Christmas festivities with limited time Santa sled and navigation voice to complete the Yuletide season this 2020. There are the choices to use for the holiday, offered by Waze, completing the entire Christmas driving experience when journeying through the traffic-crazed roads of the holiday.

The Google subsidiary application and GPS navigation software, Waze, is joining the Christmas rush (literally rush through the traffic) and provide the accompaniment that completes the driving experience. The December Christmas update has already been released, and users have the option to activate it.


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Waze Christmas Edition: How to Enable Santa Mode, Voice, and MORE

According to Tech Cratic, toggling Santa Mode in the latest version brought the Christmas vibes for drivers to enjoy and feel the holiday's spirit. The update would only be available for a limited time and would last until early January, so this may be the best time to get your Christmas Waze on.

  • Launch the Waze App
  • Sign-in to Google, Facebook, or Waze account (If not already done)
  • Tap "My Waze" (for guests, click "Search")
  • This will prompt the sidebar to open (alternatively, Open Sidebar)
  • Choose "Drive with Santa"
  • This will open three choices for users to toggle on or off, depending on what interests them.
  • Santa Icon: Appearance on Map as seen by Other Wazers
  • Santa's Sleigh: Your view when driving or navigating a selected path
  • Santa Voice: Christmas-themed voice of the popular man from the North Pole

If the Christmas mode is not yet available or seen on your device, click this link to activate it on your smartphone or tablet. The link would take you directly to Google's Waze and enable Santa mode on the application for users to enable.

Waze App: Navigating with the Community from Google

Waze has been a long-running application that cleverly provides the best and fastest way to go from point A to point B, avoiding traffic and commotion infesting significant roads, streets, highways, etc. The application data are both supplied by Google and Waze's community, providing a cutting-edge and learning AI for all traffic needs.

The GPS navigation application has shown its test through times, joining significant trends, events, and even special-themed packages. These event specials include films and Batman's release with The Riddler and Batmobile-themed vehicles. The application's integration into society also had information regarding COVID-19 in different cities and locations.

The application also offers a social community that lets "Wazers" interact with each other, offering a unique bond that can unite people in traffic and driving conditions. Here, they can report traffic and advise other motorists on what to avoid and the best way to drive in a specific place.

Waze is available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store for the Android and iOS platforms.

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