Apple has reportedly launched a few new iPads for this 2020 and the cheapest of them all is reportedly the 8th gen iPad 2020 which previously launched along with the iPad Air a couple of months ago. A recent leak suggests that it will be getting a new successor sometime early next year. This time, it will come with a more affordable price tag.

Will there be a new iPad in 2021? 

According to Gizmochina, the new 8th-gen iPad starts at $329 and is said to include a 10.2-inch screen as well as the Apple A12 Bionic chipset but its new successor is said to pack a significantly larger display, a lower starting price, as well as a more powerful chipset. This could be exciting news for those interested.

The leaker known as Tron or @cozyplanes on Twitter, the new 2021 iPad will be packed with a 10.5-inch Retina display along with a home button that already has a Touch ID. This means that with respect to its own design, it would also pack thick bezels just like the more current model. However, it does note that the new tablet will reportedly be a bit thinner as well as lighter.

What will Apple release in 2021?

Within the model, the 10.5-inch iPAd is said to equip an A13 Bionic chipset which is the same chipset that is found in the recent iPhone 11 series. The processor will also come hand in hand with 4GB of RAM but there is currently still no information regarding its storage variants. The known 2020 model also comes along with 3GB of RAM that has an option of two variants namely the 32GB as well as the 128GB.

The brand new Apple iPad has reported to be starting at the price of $299, which is much cheaper in comparison to the $329 of this year's current model. However, the significantly lower price tag might be a hint that this base model will be equipped with 32GB of space. This, however, won't be enough especially with the demand of certain apps nowadays.

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Apple iPad 2021 rumors

Although not mentioned, the article notes that this new iPad should be able to support the Apple Pencil, the Apple Smart Keyboard, the PS4, Xbox, or even PS5 controllers. The article also states that the device should also have an LTE variant.

Apple is now expected to launch this brand new iPad some time early in 2021, which is about less than just six months ever since the launch of the current year's model. Although this might be quite exciting for the fans of the Apple iPad, this is still a leak and should be taken with caution. Fans will have to wait until Apple officially announces the specs of its 2021 iPad or when the device will officially launch into the general market and be made available for purchase.

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