Apple has recently designed a brand new algorithm in which Apple Watch already uses in order to measure the ECG or electrocardiogram waves. This information is according to a particular developer documentation for both the iOS 14.3 as well as the watchOS 7.2 betas.

Apple Watch for iOS 14.3 and WatchOS 7.2

According to an article by MacRumors, it was stated in the official document, the brand new "version 2 algorithm" declaration has finally been added. However, there is no other information regarding this included in the recent announcement.

It was said that the new ECG feature will include a particular irregular heart rhythm detection, which is said to intermittently measure the user's own heart rate over in the background. The feature will then notify the user if it is able to detect a particular anomaly that it categorizes as atrial fibrillation. This can be quite quite a serious heart arrhythmia condition.

Apple watch ECG accuracy

According to the story by MacRumors, it was based on a particular beta code in which the website uncovered. It was stated to be most likely that this new algorithm will actually allow the Apple watch ECG app to be able to check for certain atrial fibrillation or AFib at significantly higher heart rates. A perfect example of this is when users will be exercising.

The new iOS 14.3 will reportedly introduce the said Apple Fitness+. This is said to be Apple's new and upcoming fitness service that will work along with the given Apple Watch, plus it is said to bring a brand new Cardio Fitness feature which will allow users to know when their given VO2Max levels are getting low. The VO2Max is said to be useful when it comes to the measurement of the user's overall fitness as well as heart health.

The iOS 14.3 is said to be released this coming December 14, Monday, which is reportedly the very same day that the upcoming Apple Fitness+ is said to be released. The brand new Apple features rolling on the same day forward the same movement, health to Apple users.

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Apple Watch benefits

Apple Watch is a product that the company has rolled out to help users focus more on their health by introducing health monitoring features. Instead of just a digital watch that tells time and can be an extension of the iPhone, the Apple Watch also focuses on a number of health features.

The most popular feature that the Apple Watch is really strong at is the heart rate monitoring which has proven to save a couple of lives. This feature is extremely useful not just for individuals that are already prone to certain heart complications but also the average user that has their health in mind. The new algorithm for the iOS 14.3 and the WatchOS 7.2 is said to be a significant upgrade from the current features that the Apple Watch offers.

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