The United Kingdom is currently threatening social media giants! The government said it will ban Facebook, Twitter, and other high-profile networks if they can't protect the users from harmful content.

The U.K. plans to file the social media companies' senior executives with criminal charges if they fail to protect the users. CNET reported that the government finally released its long-awaited Online Harms legislation proposals.

The new bill will lead to a new age of accountability for social media platforms, forcing them to keep people safe online. Those who will not abide by the new rules will be fined up to $24 million (£18 million) or 10% of their annual global turnover.

The U.K. could block them

The U.K. government also warns them they will be blocked from the country if they fail to abide by the new policy. The newly proposed legislation will apply to any tech giant company. These are the platforms hosting user-generated content online that are accessible by people in the country or those that allow the U.K. residents to interact with others online.

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The new bill includes a two-tier system. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other high-profile platforms are in Category 1 since they will face tougher responsibilities. Why? Because the companies with the most features and largest online presence are considered high-risk.

Social media platforms must assess their content

Aside from requiring the social media platforms to address illegal activity, content, and extra protection for young people who access their services, the new proposal will also force the social media giants to assess what content or activity on their platforms are legal but could pose a risk of harm to adults.

According to Independent UK's latest report, they need to identify what legal but harmful content they see as acceptable in their terms and conditions. The U.K. requires all the tech giant firms in Category 1 to provide transparency reports. These must detail they will tackle harmful content.

However, the new legislation doesn't cover online articles and comment sections. This will be part of the efforts made by the U.K. to protect freedom of speech.

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