Best Buy announced that it will have more PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X stocks on December 15, which may give hope to those hoping to get a giving those looking to score the next-gen consoles as week before Christmas. According to CNET, these consoles will be available on sale only through their website.

PS5 Restock Update: More stocks arriving on December 15

About a month since their launch, it is still extremely difficult to get hold of a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X console. Players have already tried different tactics to get one of these precious devices. The tough competition is not only between consumers, but also against resellers and even bots that automatically checks hundreds of websites and retailers for any stock.

Best Buy announced on Twitter that it will have more stock on December 15. The retailer said on the tweet: "Heads up-we're getting more NextGen consoles very soon! Check back tomorrow after 8 a.m. CT to see what we have in stock."

The tweet has quickly been retweeted and shared over 2,900 times with over 23,000 likes. Meanwhile, in a blog post, Best Buy also gave more details about the sale. It wrote that the sale will be available online only and will go live at around 9 a.m. ET or 8 a.m. CT. Meanwhile, lucky buyers may choose to pick up their consoles on their preferred Best Buy store location using its curbside pickup option.

While it is not clear how many stocks will be available on December 15, it is best to check it before the scheduled time. Buyers may also set up a PS5 stock tracker to get more chance of getting a console

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PlayStation 5, Xbox Restocks surprised GameStop staff

GameStop employees were caught off guard as fresh stocks of next gen consoles arrived on December 14 that led to a chaotic transactions in stores.

According to Bloomberg, as shared by Yahoo! Money, the retailer's employees were not properly briefed for the arrival of fresh stock of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which led buyers flock in stores.

A GameStop manager shared the company email, which was sent just minutes before it was publicly announced that the store would have 15 new consoles available for pre-order. However, it took only minutes for about 40 people to arrive at the store, which posed potential health risks amid coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, Texas-based game retailer explained that the reason for the last-minute notice is to ensure individuals would be able to purchase the consoles, and not resellers.

While the intention is for the consumer good, it has led to chaotic situations in stores. "We realize that in some situations our approach of notifying customers of this opportunity may have caused unintended reactions from both our associates and customers," GameStop said.

Meanwhile, GameStop is not the only store experiencing a toll on the shortage of the newest consoles. In fact, some buyers had to camp out of a GameStop store with a full bed just to get hold of a PlayStation 5 during Black Friday.

Also, online shoppers crashed Walmart and Best Buy websites during the launch of these next-gen gaming consoles.

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