Since the launch of Sony's most advanced gaming console, the PlayStation 5, fans have been going crazy trying to get a unit since pre-order began. While other people are lucky enough to get hold of a unit with a pre-order, others are still hustling through the Black Friday and trying their luck to have a PS5 amid a highly limited availability.

Black Friday PS5: Gamer Camp Out of GameStop Store with a Full Bed
(Photo : SayCheeseTV/Twitter)
Black Friday PS5: Gamer Camp Out of GameStop Store with a Full Bed

As GameStop earlier announced it would have available limited consoles on November 27 in time for Black Friday. With super limited stocks of just about two PS5s consoles and two Xbox Series X units, gamers tried their luck on finding one - even when it means camping out of the store.

Gamer Camp Out of GameStop Store with a Full Bed on Black Friday

One particular gamer brought a full bed to when he caped out outside of the GameStop store. "Gamers are camping outside of GameStop on Black Friday to get the new PS5! Some stores only have 2-4 consoles in stock!" said Twitter user @SaycheeseDGTL who posted a photo of the buyer who was literally lying on his bed.


One user said: "Stopped by yesterday and seen a full on tent over there lol that pic looks like they got mattresses!" Another user joked that he would "watch him oversleep" and later miss out the console. Meanwhile, another one replied: 'Y'all missing the point... bro sleepin good asf in the front knowing he finna get that PS5."

However, some customers have reported branches only having one PS5 available for the entire of Black Friday, although the store they promised to have two consoles for each store.

Black Friday PS5 at GameStop Store
(Photo : Ovrnundr/Twitter)
Black Friday PS5 at GameStop Store

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No Need to Camp Out! Use PlayStation 5 checker instead 

Well, there are multitudes of ways on how to check PlayStation 5 stocks without having the need to camp out of stores. Various apps and bots that scrape online stores for available units are already doing rounds in social media as they give out live feeds on stock availabilities. With struck of luck and loads of patience, buyers may find one in any of e-stores.

There are websites like Stock Informer and Now in Stock that constantly monitors PS5 stocks and automatically refreshes throughout the day. Buyers can easily set up an account to get alerts through text messages, email, or by on-site audible alerts whenever new PS5 stocks are found.

For Now in Stock, users may receive country-specific alerts, but they must first add the item on their account and activate the stock status.

For Stock Informer, aside from PS5 consoles, buyers can also get alerts for PS5 accessories like HD camera, media remote, Pulse 3D headset, and DualSense charging station.

Aside from tracking websites, there also bot trackers such as killercam1020 channel in Twitch as well as the PS5 Stock Bot in Discord, which provides

updates via livestream and uses programs like Streetmerchant to set up the stock tracker. These monitor the PS5 availability of from various retailers and e-commerce websites.

One of the more popular stock checks is actually not a website or bot, but a Twitter user named @Wario64 who is highly recommended by numerous people and even websites. People who are following @Wario64 and set up notifications to receive all his tweets have all praises with the Bay Area, California-based Epic creator. He is highly active in giving out PS5 stock availability updates on social media.

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