"Destiny 2" Drawing 2020 sure has a few other things that keep players busy like cooking up a particular recipe that not a lot can do. The Bittersweet Biscotti is a certain dish that players can make while playing "Destiny 2"'s very own Drawing 2020 event.

'Destiny 2' Bittersweet Biscotti ingredients

According to an article by Gamepur, in order to make this recipe, players will need a few ingredients. Naturally, like any other recipe in real life, the game requires the player to get these specific ingredients and not similar ones in order to land the perfect Bittersweet Biscotti Destiny 2 Drawing 2020.

The benefits of this particular Bittersweet Biscotti is that players can give it to the peculiar Crow. This poor animal might need a little cheering up especially since nobody in the game seems to like him that much.

Here are the needed ingredients for the Bittersweet Biscotti:

  • Dark Ether Cane

  • Balanced Flavors

How to get Bittersweet Biscotti ingredients

In order to get the Dark Ether Cane, players will have to battle out and kill a few Scorn enemies. In order to find these Scorns, head over to the Tangles Shore. Players can also try the Rift Generator Event or even the Bay of Drowned Wishes. Both of them will then result in a number of enemies for players to kill as well as a lot of Dark Ether Cane.

In order to get the Balanced Flavor, on the other hand, players will need to be a bit crafty enough to be able to kill with the Scout Rifles, the Sniper Rifles, or even the Bows. The article by Gamepur suggests that players use the Scout Rifle. This is just for the given amount of ammo that players will be getting.

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Bittersweet Biscotti 'Destiny 2'

Neither of these are said to guarantee drops. It is important to keep in mind that players would need to do quite a lot of killing in order to get their hands on these items. Once players finally have both of these recipes, players will have to combine them along in the popular Eva's Oven.

This should be done along with 15 different Essence of Drawing. After this, players will finally be able to get the Bittersweet Biscotti and can take it directly to the Crow located somewhere near the known Spider's lair over on the game's Tangled Shore in order to give it to them. Generally, according to an article by FanByte, players will simply have to mix one particular Dark Ether Cane along with one Balanced Flavors and simply add 15 Essence of Drawing in order to cook up the Destiny 2 Bittersweet Biscotti.

Bittersweet Biscotti rewards

Of course, the hardships won't leave players empty handed as upon completion, players will receive three different Spirit of Drawing as their reward. For those that need help in order to find every single ingredient, there is a guide by Gamepur that could prove quite useful. 

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