Fresh from the success of "Burn Bryte" game, tabletop roleplaying game designer James Introcaso has now released a new one. The "My Dad's Monster Manual" is an 87-page sourcebook of creatures for use with the fifth edition of the most popular tabletop roleplaying game.

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Launched on December 15, the sourcebook has made it immediately to the number one spot at the DM'S Guild Top 100 Products list and it is now officially a Silver Best Seller.

"My Dad's Monster Manual" has 80 new stat blocks and lore for original "Dungeons & Dragons" creatures that is inspired by the art of the Monster Manual.

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This means that Introcaso was inspired by the creatures from the official "Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition Monster Manual" and he reintroduced them with new names and new stats.

However, that is not the whole story of this game. Introcaso had the task of roleplaying as a scribe and archivist in the development of the game, and was likely inspired by his father, Lucian Introcaso, according to Jim Moreno form The Gamer.

Introcaso posted a joke last year on Twitter about showing his father the art in the Monster Manual and rewriting lore and stat blocks that are based on his responses.

The massive number of likes and retweets show that many people agree with him. Introcaso asked his father if he was willing to go along with it and he was.

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Introcaso then describes the process of developing the roleplaying game. He showed his father a creature from the Monster Manual and asked him a few questions. He only showed his father the art and not the stat block or the description.

Introcaso asked his father what a certain monster do, where they come from, what they want and what they are called. He recorded his father's replies to his questions and he spent a few months compiling them into his finished product.

This was how the game was created. It is now a book of unexpected fun and unique monsters for the fifth edition campaigns. While the players may find the creatures in the game familiar, they are not in fact the creatures that you know from Dungeons & Dragons.

One example is that the popular Owlbear is called Barowel in the game, and it is classified as a neutral-aligned large Fey creature and loves fruits, especially pineapples and coconuts.

The roleplaying game is filled with renamed and revamped creatures, but the true beauty within the game comes from the sticky note quotes from Lucian Introcaso included with every creature.

Lucian Introcaso has a comment about every creature, the typical dad jokes, that are both lovely and cringe. They are written next to the creatures like Marktaur, Pedrik and Turkgon.

James Introcaso also talked about the members of his team who helped him bring the game to life. "My Dad's Monster Manual" is currently available on the DM'S Guild in full-color PDF for $14.95, it is also available in softcover $24.95 and you can get it as a package deal for only $29.95.

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