Despite the Star Wars trilogy division that fans are still clobbering on, one thing that the new generation Star Wars fans and the Old generation Star Wars fans is that it is nearly impossible to predict just what is going on in The Mandalorian series. Its very first episodes were well enough to see that Jon Favreau's popular series, the Iron Man 1 and the Iron Man 2 had a huge influence in its success.

The Mandalorian season 2

According to an article by SoMagNews, this, in fact, did have an impact on its success. The Mandalorian season 2 has reportedly been very well received that last week, Disney even announced all the way up to 10 new series that are based on the Star Wars for Disney+. A number of them were said to be spin-offs of the popular mandalorian.

With even more upcoming series, it seems like the Star Wars fandom is nor prepared to die just yet. There is a division, however, of people who would prefer the previous Star Wars and those that accept and enjoy the new ones by Disney.

Baby Yoda 3D Google

Obviously based on currently one of the most iconic characters in the entire universe and created by George Lucas himself, baby Yoda is actually not the main protagonist of the series! In fact, Baby Yoda is said to be a mere character within the series. From the first minute that it appeared in the series, Baby Yoda meme became one of the most popular trends in an instant. Aside from just memes and GIFs, there is also a Baby Yoda Funko pop.

Google, itself, has decided to recognize the vast popularity surrounding this particular character as the second season of the popular The Mandalorian series comes to an end. Google has decided to bring "the boy" to homes all around the world through the use of technological magic through Augmented Reality.

How to activate Baby Yoda 3D Google?

In order to activate this, there are only a few things that need to be done:

  1. Open Google app on a tablet or mobile

  2. Type in "Grogu" or "Baby Yoda" in the search bar

  3. The animated version will instantly appear in the results.

  4. For those that click "View in 3D," they will be able to see the much coveted Baby Yoda 3D Google

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There is an option to "View in your space" for the tablet or mobile, if it is compatible with the Augmented reality, after scanning the entire room in order to create an AR model of Baby Yoda on the device screen, according to Engadget.

Fans will then be able to enjoy the size of it, the details, movement, and more! In addition, fans will be able to take videos or photos. Imagine having a Baby Yoda indoors! The final chapter of The Mandalorian second season premiers on Friday. Fans can enjoy the series with their very own Baby Yoda on their device.

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