WhatsApp users might be able to use their favorite messaging app for video conferencing! The Facebook-owned company is now said to be testing a brand new voice and video calling feature in its own Mac desktop client.

WhatsApp video conferencing desktop

According to the article by TechRadar, the popular messaging service has first introduced the voice as well as video group chats to its own mobile app back in 2018. Now, it seems like users will be able to use the exact same functionality for desktop. This could come in the form of an update expected to hit the popular app in just a couple of weeks.

It was said by the team over at the WABetaInfo, which is known to specialize in discovering the upcoming WhatsApp features by thoroughly digging into the app's own source code, some users are already beta-testing this update. The update will reportedly be for the service's desktop client for macOS to be able to allow them to make certain end-to-end encrypted VolP calls as well as video calls.

WhatsApp testing out new desktop video conferencing feature

In order for users to start making either audio calls or even video calls in WhatsApp, users will first need to open up their desktop app and simply navigate to the call buttons. The call buttons are now located at the top right header of the app. For those that were randomly selected to participate in the beta version, it is known as a fact that both the given voice and video call buttons have the particular world beta that is written on top of them.

Other users that are trying to call will then be notified via the desktop version of the WhatsApp app. Of course, users will then have the option to either accept, decline, or even ignore the incoming call. Kind of like other video conferencing apps, the new WhatsApp video conferencing feature is now coming to desktop. Once a certain call is in progress, a particularly small window will then appear along with quick controls for the user to either call or even mute the call. The feature also includes an option for users to either enable or disable their own video.

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WhatsApp video conference coming soon: Zoom quadruples in profit

WhatsApp is expected to announce more about this feature in the upcoming weeks. As of the moment, the said feature is still being tested via its beta mode for macOS desktop users. Only a selected few have this feature as of the moment but WhatsApp will reportedly be rolling this feature out for all of its users once the beta period has finished and the final feature will be announced.

The demand for video conferencing has massively increased due to the pandemic as people are now forced to contact each other via online platforms. Due to the restrictions and safety protocols, Zoom has been able to massively increase in profits. It was reported in an article by NPR that the company has been able to quadruple in profits from a year ago.

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