As now known, the US Space Force members will surprisingly be called the "guardians" going forward. The United States Vice President Mike Pence stated on Friday. The announcement was made during the very first-birthday celebration of the military branch. Pence stated that sailors, soldiers, marines, airmen, and the guardians will all be defending the United States for generations after generations to come. 

What will space force members be called? 

According to an article by CNet, Pence stated that the Space Force, which was established back in December 20 of 2019, now officially has 2,000 military members with an additional 3,600 officers that have all filled out paperwork in order to transfer to this space branch of the United States military. Even the vice president stated that they are now anticipating an additional 6,000 members in only a short period of time.

In its very first year of operation, the Space Force was said to be working through the particularly long arc of accomplishments both large and small. It has reportedly overseen quite a number of satellite launches and even the start of a brand new mission for the X-37B space plane. It even now reportedly manages a constellation of United States GPS satellites.

What does the space force do? 

It has also published a particularly key spacepower doctrine document as well as picked out the official logo and updated uniform design. The Space Force has gotten quite an earful from William Shatner regarding the rank structure. It even has reportedly been lampooned in a popular Netflix series along with the exact same name.

This Space Force is not actually starting completely from scratch though. It has actually taken quite a large chunk from the known US Air Force Space Command, which was previously established back in the early 1980s.

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Is NASA part of space force? 

Pence also added that the Space Force is now growing very strongly every single day and in only a matter of time. It was also stated that Space is a vacuum but they are not actually operating in a vacuum. The statement continued even noting space as a particular "war-fighting domain" which is why it is imperative for them to invest their resources in space. The statement then urged the investment of resources both personal and technology in order to be able to defend both the nation and the values within the outer reaches of the wide space.

According to an article by Space, it is clarified that Space Force and NASA, although similar, are still not the same. It was stated that the Space Force is generally focused on military operation while NASA is focused on the whole space exploration front. While similar, they are still quite different, these two segments are known to team up every once in a while for a number of important ventures like the planetary defense, the moon, and even more.

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