Starlink's internet satellite services are among the chosen companies to service and pick up Australia's 5G mmWave spectrum for its new area and wider apparatus licenses to progress connection speeds. The SpaceX subsidiary company has been the choice for its exceptional technology that utilized the planet's orbit to shoot down the unprecedented internet connection.

The popular satellite and internet company, Starlink, was initially focused on globalizing its products and services, with now going one step closer to its goals thanks to Australia's wider license for its 5G expansion. The new licenses would identify which places, areas, or regions in the Australian continent it would service and provide connections to. 

According to ZDNet's report, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has conducted its first round of licensing to telecommunications companies in the world for its 5G mmWave spectrum. Licenses for 26 GHz and 28 GHz bands were given to the companies who were part of the initial licensing round. 

ACMA would soon conduct another round of 26 GHz and 28 GHz licensing for the 5G mmWave spectrum as early as the first month of the following year, January 2021. Starlink, Dreamtilt, Field Solutions Group, Inmarsat, MarchNet, NBN, New Skies Satellites/SES, Nokia, O3B/SES, Optus, Opticomm, Telstra, Vocus, Viasat, and WorldVu (One Web) were among the first round licensees. 

Starlink is joining the likes of communications giant Telstra and Nokia, who are one of the top leaders in the planet's telecommunication services. The wide reach of these companies just shows how their services are needed, with SpaceX's Starlink joining Australia's providers for 5G.

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Starlink 5G for Australia: Step towards Global ISP

One of Starlink's many goals is to globalize its services and give the world accessible, reliable, and fast internet connections despite the location and area. The company's satellite technology would make hard to reach areas equipped with internet connection needs through a satellite receiver. 

Internet Service Providers (ISP) are mostly terrestrial and land-based-making the connection to different locations impossible as the technology needed for a stable internet is still unavailable. Several internet providers have started making their way to satellite technology, like Starlink's venture on internet constellations, locked on to the Earth's pull as it orbits. 

Starlink has been selected for Australia's 5G network mmWave spectrum and is a massive step for the satellite internet company to move towards providing the world with its internet connections. The company has been focused on making this venture possible and soon provide the globe with its world-changing take on internet connections. 

FCC: Starlink to Service 5.2 Million Homes and Businesses

According to CNBC, earlier this December, SpaceX' Starlink was given $900 million from the $9.2 billion budget of the US Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) to service 5.2 million homes and businesses. This allocation is a massive win for Starlink as it would help in furthering its technology to provide internet to the country. 

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