Rimac Automobili recently unveiled the successor to its Concept_One, the Concept_Two all-electric hypercar that shows an impressive spec sheet already, capable of producing 1,914 horsepower and can accelerate from 0  to 60 mph in 1.85 seconds. The new electric hypercar would go head-to-head with the Tesla Roadster 2020, also a performance-oriented car like C_Two.

The popular Croatian car manufacturer, Rimac Automobili, has revealed the progression of the Concept_Two, a.k.a. the "C_Two," which would now go into its pre-series production basing its design on the current plans. However, this may not necessarily be the final look or specs of the electric vehicle as it would be the "beta" testing stage.

According to Rimac's press release, there would be a total of six pre-series production vehicles that would be manufactured ahead of its 2021 launch and public release. The electric hypercars would be assembled in the company's facility in Veliko Trgovišće, Croatia.

Rimac Concept_Two: Pre-Series Production Starts Now, Ready for 2021

Initially, 12 test vehicles were designed by the company for further testing in terms of experimentation, validation, and crash testing, all the necessary elements needed to further the EV. The six new pre-series vehicles would be its production-spec C_Two and would almost be the final version of the vehicle complete with the finishes.

Each pre-series vehicle would take an estimate of eight weeks in production, assembly, and design, all happening in Rimac's facility in its home country. Moreover, the company regarded that most of the parts would be produced in-house, which would cut production time by three weeks earlier.

The electric hypercar would be different from its predecessor, the Concept_One, according to the founder and CEO Mate Rimac, which regarded the design, engineering, and concept of the new EV. Moreover, this step means that the hypercar is near its public release, soon in the coming year.

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Rimac Concept_Two: Electric Hypercar Mammoth's Impressive Specs

The Concept_One is highly regarded as the first electric hypercar in the world, with Grand Touring (GT) vehicles still sticking with ICE instead of electric vehicles. Rimac's electric GT hypercar is the pioneer, with its successor aiming to step up the game for the EV hypercar industry.

Impressively, Rimac Automobili's Concept_Two shared a massive 1,914 horsepower output as it took on the dyno car tuning test, also testing the electric vehicle's brakes. This result would still change as it takes on the real-world roads and conditions, with the final version.

According to Rimac, the C_Two sports a 120kWh battery pack with an impressive range of 341 miles on a single full charge. The company designed and built its power cell, with a liquid-cooled battery, perfect for its EV drivetrain. The hypercar's top speed boasts of 258mph or 412km, with an impressive 0 to 60mph of 1.85 seconds.

Rimac Concept_Two vs. Tesla Roadster: Which is Better?

Arguably, one of Rimac Concept_Two's competition in 2021 is the clean energy company's Tesla Roadster 2020, also coming in the following year. The two have different specs but are comparative, as both belong to the same class.

The Tesla Roadster has a 0 to 60mph of 1.90 seconds, a bigger battery pack of 200kWh with 620 miles of range, a top speed of 250mph (or more), and a base price of $200,000. Both EVs have an almost identical spec sheet that makes it ideal to match-up both cars.

However, Rimac Automobili's Concept_Two has a price tag of almost $2.2 million, and would only have a limited production of 150 units, while Tesla's Roadster 2020 would be on mass production.

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