Prefab shelter startup Jupe offers its "cosmos-inspired urban escape pods" for preorder via its website for only $99. The company says that buyers can customize their Jupe tiny homes before the expected delivery in Spring 2021. The down payment is fully refundable while the total cost of the unit is $17,500.

In the new images released on December 17, the company gave full details of what buyers can expect with a Jupe tiny house. These will give buyers complete information before they jumpstart their tiny living plans.

Jupe tiny homes are perfect investments

Jupe was founded by former IBM project manager Jeff Wilson who has experienced dumpster living for one year. He then created the Kasita tiny home with former Tesla, SpaceX, and Airbnb designers. Jupe is a portable prefabricated home, which buyers can easily bring to almost anywhere, even to remote locations. Not only will they experience ultimate outdoor or even off-the-grid living, they can also leave COVID-19 free. This is also a great opportunity for Airbnb hosts to add properties.

In a press statement published in Jupe website, Wilson said acknowledged the public's desire to go out of the cities, which highly increased as the pandemic struck the world and immediately "drained short-term stay" locations for those who want to experience nature. "Jupe provides an experience perfectly suited for socially distanced travel," Wilson added.

He also noted that the recent success of IPOs in this industry as well as the highly increased demand to remain close sets the perfect timing for short-term stay products such as Jupe. The company will manufacture the units at Jupe's 10,000 square foot factory in Los Angeles and delivery will begin by March 2021.

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Jupe tiny living: Experience true escape built with class and smart technology

A Jupe tiny home is a prefab shelter that can be flat-packed down for easy transportation and installed easily in hours, just like a tent.

It is made up of interconnected aluminum masts to provide support for the geometric structure of the 111square feet house. With 11 foot high ceiling, the Jupe feels huge and can fit a queen-size bed, ottoman, desk, and a chair.

According to its designers, the structure is "a work of art rather than a simple dwelling." It bears "the beauty of patina and utility" as each unit is built to last with grace.

The floor is made of wood tiling, which can open up into cubes for over 38 cubic feet of storage space. The sides are made of fire-resistant canvas, while the front window opens up into large panorama to show great views.

Since each Jupe unit is powered by batteries and solar energy, it can be taken and reassembled in almost any location, even off the grid. Each unit is packed with a 200 Ah battery system, solar panels, and WiFi router. Buyers may choose to add a Sonos speaker with Alexa and dimmable LED lighting.

As mentioned earlier, Jupe is currently available for preorder for a low down payment of $99 with the total base price is $17,500, which I just about 20% of an Airstream RV. 

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