Telstra and Motorola Have Sealed an AU $567M Deal and Will Build Five Government Radio Networks
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) Telstra and Motorola Have Sealed an AU $567M Deal and Will Build Five Government Radio Networks

The official Tasmanian government has just handed both Telstra and Motorola Solutions the main contract for them to design, to build, to operate, and even to maintain the state's very own radio network. The said radio network will reportedly be used by the state's emergency responders and even for the government organizations to be able to respond to upcoming emergencies.

Telstra and Motorola work together

According to the report by ZDNet, under the said contract that is valued at a whopping AU $567 million or over $428 USD, the pair is tasked to consolidate five of the currently separated radio networks that are used on the known Apple Isle onto the official Tasmanian government's radio network otherwise known as TasGRN. This will allow them to feature certain broadband push-to-talk services for smartphones, radios, and even other devices.

According to the Telstra Enterprise executive known as Gretchen Cooke, this particular new radio network will be a much more resilient, reliable, secure, and will be able to replace the five separate systems so that the Tasmania emergency services can simply communicate with much confidence in order to help keep the Tasmanians safe. For Telstra, this reportedly looks like the largest project that the company has been able to carry out on the known island state.

The initial users of the said completed network will be the following:

  • The Tasmania Police

  • The Ambulance Tasmania

  • The Tasmania Fire Service

  • The Sustainable Timber Tasmania

  • The State Emergency Service

  • The Department of Primary Industries, Water, Environment, and Parks

  • The TasNetworks

  • The Hydro Tasmania

According to the vice president of the official Motorola Solutions Australia & New Zealand, Con Balaskas, the brand new communications service will help enable Tasmania's own emergency services in order to manage the increasingly complex operational requirements. This is aimed to cover all the way from combating possible natural disasters up to dealing with the whole evolving security landscape and much more.

It was also stated that in addition to the obvious instant as well as interoperable communications lining across the multiple government organizations, this contract will still provide the managed services in order to keep all of the official TasGRN's critical technology, features, and infrastructure all up to date. The initial contract negotiations started back in August.

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Telstra and Motorola partnership

The construction of the upcoming TasGRN is expected to begin next year and will be taking place over the course of three years in total. The user organizations are all expected to start migrating over towards the new network some time in the 2022-2023 financial year. This is according to the Tasmanian government.

Both Telstra and Motorola Solutions have been known to previously have worked together on the construction of the Queensland government's very own wireless network, according to an article by BusinessWire. Just last week, Motorola Solutions has been able to launch a whopping AU $100 million extension deal along with Ambulance Victoria.

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