Facebook Employees Grill the Company Stating 'Hypocrisy' Regarding the Social Media's Criticism of Apple
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) Facebook Employees Grill the Company Stating 'Hypocrisy' Regarding the Social Media's Criticism of Apple

Facebook has recently been criticizing Apple after its recent move of being forced to offer a certain option to be able to disable the user tracking embedded on its iOS app. Facebook employees reportedly do not agree with the company that they work for itself as some of them have even come forward and said that Facebook's recent campaigns directed against Apple are even "bordered on hypocrisy."

Facebook vs Apple

According to the story by 9to5mac, just last week, Facebook has publicly released a full-page ad in popular US newspapers. These ads accused the company of allegedly hurting certain small businesses as the brand new privacy features that are embedded in the iOS 14 will allow users to turn off tracking in apps.

The company behind the popular social network was definitely not happy reportedly since its main source of revenue directly comes from its advertisements that are based on the users' own data. According to a report by iMore, Facebook has now been holding meetings along with its employees to be able to discuss the brand new App Store rules as well as how they will potentially affect their jobs.

Employees call Facebook's actions a 'hypocrisy'

Certain access to the internal comments as well as the audio coming from a presentation for the said Facebook employees in which not every one of them agreed with the attacks directly towards Apple was allegedly obtained by BuzzFeed News. One of the company's employees even noted that their bosses are actually just using these small businesses as a shield in order to justify Facebook's own bad practices.

According to a certain engineer who wrote in response to a certain internal post about the campaign coming from Dan Levy, the current vice president for Facebook's ads, It felt like they are now trying to justify doing an actual bad thing by trying to hind behind people along with a sympathetic message.

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Apple's response towards Facebook's moves

A certain Facebook spokesperson has reportedly reinforced that the company's main concern is about everyone who uses the popular social network as a platform for it to be able to promote their services and products. This is allegedly aimed especially towards small businesses. According to Ashley Zandy, this is because it is such a critical time for small and medium sized businesses that they will continue to share those particular stories with the general public as well as with their employees.

Apple had given its response to Facebook's own criticism by actually suggesting that the said social network should definitely reconsider its current practices when it comes to its users' privacy. The company had also argued that users should remain in control of what they are aiming to share with advertisers and developers. According to Apple, the developers have until early 2021 for it to comply with the company's new App Store rules. If not, the apps can potentially be banned from iOS.

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