All Shiny Psychic Type Pokémon
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In the history of Pokémon series, the psychic-types have remained one of the most overpowered ones. Many have received nerfs to their attacks and weaknesses prevent them from ruling. In "Pokémon Sword & Shield", psychic-types are still dominant.

The pool of psychic-type Pokémon in Galar is massive, and many more members of the pool are viable than most members of the Pokedex. Here are some of the powerful psychic-type Pokémon that can assist you with your battles.


Alakazam is one of the most powerful psychic-type Pokemon, and also one of the oldest. This Pokemon was so powerful in the original "Pokémon Red & Blue" that it garnered a nerf towards psychic-types.

Although Alakazam has more weakness, it still has an intense powerhouse.. It has a special attack and speed that is unmatched.

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Galarian Rapidash

The new Galarian Rapidash has repaced the original fire-type with a psychic and fairy dual-type to deal with dark Pokemon types.

What makes Rapidash different is that it is a physical attacker instead of a special attacker. This is very rare for psychic-types, but even more rare among fairy-types, and access to moves like Bounce and High Horsepower give it a lot of moves that are very effective against common competitive threats.

Galarian Slowbro

The speed of Galarian Slowbro is varied. This is because of its unique ability which is Quick Draw, which lets it occasionally strike at the speed of moves like Quick Attack with any of its attacks. It may be unreliable but it is definitely a powerful effect against fast opponents.

The risk of a slow move can be mitigated, as the item Quick Claw can provide an additional chance to let Slowbro strike first. When it fails, its high defenses and move-resistant combination of psychic and poison-type let it succeed no matter when it manages to attack.


One of the most effective strategies of Jynx is putting its opponents to sleep. But the main problem with this strategy is that many of these moves lack accuracy.

Luckily, Jynx manages to circumvent that with 75% accurate move Lovely Kiss. It still can miss without other accuracy or evasion changes, but it is still reliable enough to hit most of the time and Jynx is fast enough to outrun its foes.


Many of the changes to the online metagame are because of the Crown Tundra expansion, which then brought back a lot of legendary Pokémon that was present on the scene of past online games. Azelf is one of the standouts from this era.

Azelf is a member of the lake guardian trio and is known for its wide movepool, which features elemental attacks like Thunderbolt and Flamethrower. This is combined with speed and special attack stats and impressive physical attack stats.


Metagross is a competitive staple from Hoenn and has a troubling number of weaknesses but its defensive stats are high enough that it is almost impossible to defeat it in just one hit.

With the powerful weakness policy item and the ability to Dynamax, it is not unreasonable for Metagross to gain enough offense and to bulk up to defeat faster foes.

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