Robots were made to make human life easier and has been doing so in the past, without the creepy AI that takes over the society as seen on science fiction movies, for in reality, these bots are basically machines that do the heavy lifting. CES 2021 is coming soon and there are exceptional machines that would officially launched, starting with the COVID-19 bot that disinfects.

Moxie Bot
(Photo : Embodied)

Something that disinfects and eradicates the disease but does not risk getting infected by the notorious various that has claimed millions of lives worldwide? Only a robot can do this and perform this function without the risk or fear of contracting COVID-19

Indeed, robots have been around since the early 1950s, with the aim and goal of helping humans with different jobs or types of labor that proved hard to the public without the help of machines. Also, the use of robots would replace the machines which still needs human intervention or control to operate, as these "intelligent" machines would have a mind of its own. 

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year would be different from its past iterations as it would be the first time the event would be held virtually, for everyone to watch and enjoy. CES 2021 would be held in Monday, Jan. 11, to Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021, and would begin by 8 am EST.

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CES 2021: Robot Lineup—COVID-19 Bots to Guinea Pigs

The world is indeed evolving to the next-generation and technologically-advanced society which would soon heavily rely on robots for even home functions. According to CNet there would be various bots from COVID-19 Fighting robots to guinea pig emotion robot.

COVID-19 Fighting Robots


  • Hills Engineering | South Korea

The robot is designed to be an "antivirus disinfection robot" that would be autonomous and go around, say a hospital's COVID-19 ward, to disinfect the halls and stem the spread of the virus. The tech may be in time for the pandemic virus but would be beneficial for future use. 

LG UV Robot

  • LG Robotics | South Korea
LG UV Robot
(Photo : LG Newsroom)

According to LG, their disinfection bot would be unveiled on CES 2021, which would focus on UV disinfection to kill the virus using light. LG's UV robot is also autonomous and would focus more on crowded ares, especially the common places that can be touched. 

Emotion Expressing Robots


  • Embodied, Inc. | Pasadena, California
Moxie Bot
(Photo : Urdesign via YouTube)

Moxie is the popular teal-colored robot with a cute face that is meant for children to interact with and develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills. 

Petite Qoobo

  • Yukai Engineering | Japan
(Photo : Qoobo via Screenshot)

The small version of the previous Qoobo robot, the Petite is a bot that has a tail and would run around the home. The Petite Qoobo aims to provide emotional assistance, also a kawaii (cute) product.


  • Vanguard Industries, Inc. | Japan
(Photo : Vanguard Industries)

This fluffy pet guinea pig resembles a plush toy, but is a robot that would initially be like a newborn rodent that develops emotional attachment to its owner. After some time, Moflin would "learn" and also offer emotional assistance.

Working Robots

Smart Hive Controller

  • Daesung | South Korea
Hive Controller
(Photo : Indiegogo via Screenshot)

Replacing honey bees despite its size? That's Daesung's Hive Controller which aims to fill in the endangered status of the worker bees. It would also join CES 2021 for its official launch and showcase. 

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