We're talking about building space hotels now, in nearly just the beginning of 2021. Former NASA Chiefs are working on building a luxury hotel to be designed by interior designer Phillipe Starck. Axiom Space, a Houston-Based company which was built along with NASA's former International Space Station (ISS) manager Michael Suffredini is planning to build this literally out-of-this-world project and should be launched to the public as soon as 2028.

Former NASA Chiefs Plan to Build the First-Ever Luxury Hotel in Space by 2024
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This luxury space hotel will be a $2 billion project, which is only an estimated amount. It will be debuted with the name "AxStation". According to Robbreport, Suffredini and his team are already brainstorming on the process that this project will have to undergo upon completion. 

BluePrint for the First Ever Luxury Hotel in Space

The plan is to dispatch a crew module to the ISS by the start of the project in 2024. Once the team has set the materials and has prepared the place, they can start from there and build at least two other modules. It is reported that the next modules to be attached will include a laboratory or manufacturing facility, as well as a panoramic observatory. The company intends to allow the three modules to work together until the International Space Station completes the project, which is expected to be around 2028, as reported by Wired.

Once the three modules are fully detached, the established AxStation would now be the first free-flying internationally available exclusive space station.

AxStation: a Research Hub and a Space Tourist Destination

The AxStation is reported to be a dual purpose project. Aside from being a luxury hotel and a go-destination for space sojourners, the private space station will also be a research platform for many developers and astronomers who will visit space. 

This is also the reason why Axiom is extracting all means to make the AxStation  happen, as it could be the first of its own to be a private space with more luxurious and accommodating, rather than the typical dull International space Station.

The luxurious hotel will be decorated by French interior designer and architecht Philippe Starck. Starck is known for his diverse portfolio including designing vehicles, household objects, furniture, houses, and buildings. Now, Axiom has joined him in the team to build a revolutionary hotel in space. It has already been predicted to open in 2022, but has been postponed due to more strenious and vigorous preparations by Axiom.

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"NASA taps startup Axiom Space for the first habitable commercial module for the Space Station"

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The planned design of the hotel will offer plush padded cushion walls and furnishings. It will have a futuristic and avante garde color changing LEDs. Guests will also be able to see panoramic views of the Earth from about 250 miles away. The said interiors designed by Starck will be developed in Houston.

The exterior modules and structural design will be built by the European aerospace company called Thales Alenia Space. The same company is also responsible for almost half of the modules that have been done for the existing International Space Station

Axiom Teams Up with NASA and SpaceX

Last year, NASA has already given Axiom the go-to signal to go full swing on the plan to build the space hotel. NASA gave the company permission to attach one of NASA's crew modules to a port on the ISS sealed by a $140 million contract upon its completion. Ofcourse, SpaceX cannot be out of the picture. Axiom has also sealed a deal with Elon Musk's company to send a handful of astronauts upon the completion of the project for the ISS.

Tom Cruise is also reportedly having talks with Axiom as the first film to shoot in space is up care of producer and director Doug Liman. 

Axiom says in a statement regarding the AxStation, "Twenty years after astronauts first began to live and work aboard the ISS, Axiom offers you the ability to traverse the sublime reach of space and fulfill personal goals of a philosophical, philanthropic, scientific or commercial nature-and help open a new chapter in human history," .

A booking for the hotel is rumored to cost about $55 million and will have to undergo a 15-week training before they can be permitted to be deployed to space. If you're up for the adventure, you have about seven years yet to save up for a space hotel booking like no other. 

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