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(Photo : Youtube/GameSpot Trailers) Demon's Souls how to defeat the Dragon God

The Dragon God is a creature that can pulverize you on sight. He is also known to punch his enemies all the way back to the kingdom. Many players have attempted to defeat the Dragon God but has failed, but luckily there is a strategy that you can follow so you can do it.

Key Preparations

Before you fight the Dragon God, make sure that you have something on that can combat the fire and blunt damage. He has a fist of steel and you do not want to get hit with it, or else you will most likely be dead.

The best armor sets for blunt defense are Mirdan Set with 94 Blunt Defense, which can be purchased through the Filthy Woman in 5-1, the Dark Silver with 90 Blunt Defense, which can be acquired after defeating Garl Vinland in 5-3 and the Brushwood Set with 109 Blunt Defense that can be looted off the corpse in 1-1 in the small pool where Executioner Miralda resides.

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Given its high attack output, you will want to enter the fight with extreme caution and bring with you Stones of Ephemeral Eyes, so that you can go back to your human form after dying, and then get the health bar back in full.

It is best that you try and begin the fight for the first time with Pure White World Tendency in Stonefang Tunnel, as this will grant you access to the Dragon Bone Smasher, which is one of the best weapons in the game. It is also recommended to farm some souls and boost your vitality up just a bit to make sure that you won't go down immediately.

Dodge And Roll

The above corridor is the most deadly part of the map and it is also the most annoying part of the fight. As soon as you get beyond this point, the Dragon God boss battle will be easy. However, successfully getting past its punches is not easy. The simplest method is to watch and learn, follow the punches to the best of your abilities, rolling backward whenever necessary.

You will definitely die. The whole fight is about patience, timing and strategy on where you place your body. Break all of the rubble that are blocking the way as you will have to be running in a small corridor before you make the leap of faith.

The best thing that you can do is coax the Dragon God, placing your body in the line of the punch, then rolling back in time for it to miss you, then head straight forward again.

After you get beyond this point and utilize the massive ballista to put an end to its rampant punching, you can finally cross over to the other side and do the same thing to its other arm.

Getting to the second ballista is nowhere near as difficult as the last one, you just have to break a few pieces of rubble and climb up some stairs, but do not take your time. With both arms pinned, you can finish it, but be very careful not to get killed by its dragon breath when get close.

Once the battle is done, you will get the Dragon God's trophy, in addition to 26,800 souls, the Dragon Demon's Soul which is an item you can use for different purposes and a pure Dragonstone.

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