Panasonic recently announced the launch of JZ2000, its flagship TV for 2021. It features an artificial intelligence processor that optimizes picture and a new extreme game mode to cut lag time.

According to Engadget, the 2000-series is always a stand out among Panasonic's OLEDs as it features a Dolby Atmos-capable speaker system and a custom OLED panel, which will be available in 55 inches and 65 inches.

Panasonic OLED TV offers AI processor and new extreme game mode
(Photo : Panasonic)
Panasonic OLED TV offers AI processor and new extreme game mode

Panasonic OLED TV offers AI processor and new extreme game mode

At the heart of the new Panasonic flagship OLED TV is the HCX Pro AI Processor, which only greatly enhances picture quality and gaming performance. Based on the processor's name, Panasonic now relies on AI to enhance the picture quality, just like Sony.

The AI chip can identify the content being watched and automatically adjusts the sound and image to match the particular scene. This is vital when the set supports Dolby Atmos and includes side- and upward-firing speakers.

Finally, Panasonic catches up to other brands as it offers "amongst the very lowest in the industry" with the company's live demo merely set a lag rate of 14.4ms, which is very low. It also adds HDMI 2.1 specs like HFR or 4K display that runs at 120Hz as well as Variable Refresh Rate as Auto Low Latency Mode.

Panasonic OLED TV offers AI processor and new extreme game mode
(Photo : Arun Shakya/Unsplash)
Panasonic OLED TV offers AI processor and new extreme game mode

Meanwhile, the new Game Mode Extreme setting promises to cut lag and optimize the picture display with high refresh rate options. It can work as a living room PC as it supports the HDMI Signal Power Link, which helps computers and old box set up connect to CEC-equipped devices.

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Panasonic JZ2000 OLED TV features, price, release date

Currently, Panasonic has not yet released the price and release dates for both JZ2000 55-inch and 65-inch versions. The 2020 flagship HZ2000 55-inch version cost about $4,468 when it came out before the end of May, and JZ2000 could be around the same price and release date.

However, by the look of it, this TV will surely be worth the wait as it can handle advanced gaming while on the couch. After all, the JZ2000 still has more to offer, aside from the AI and gaming features.

Panasonic is the first TV which supports both HDR10+ Adaptive and Dolby Vision IQ. Since 2020, the company has supported Dolby Vision IQ while the new HDR10+ format picture display according to the ambient lighting conditions. Also, it is expected to offer better dark details while watching in a well-lit room.

Although Panasonic did not provide much detail on JZ2000's screen specs, it is said to be using the extra-bright customized Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel, which makes using HDR modes easier. This will also include some improvements on the software such as dual-device Bluetooth audio support, quicker access to common settings as well as the "restful" videos and photos option.

Panasonic has added a couple of side-firing speakers for the JZ2000 to make the room more filled with sound. With this 360° Soundscape Pro sound setup, which Panasonic's Technics engineers developed, watching television is never been this immersive with a powerful bass and truly spatial soundstage.

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