TikTok Trend 2021: What's The Worst Thing That Happened to You at School?
(Photo : Screenshot From TikTok 2021 YouTube) TikTok Trend 2021: What's The Worst Thing That Happened to You at School?

There's an ongoing TikTok trend 2021 that takes participants back to when they were in school and asking them what was the worst thing that ever happened to them at school. This throwback trend allows participants to share their own experiences of what happened back in school.

TikTok trend 2021: What's the wors thing that happened to you at school?

This particular trend is quite timely as the pandemic has broken out and the familiar "schooling experience" seems like just another memory engaging more potential participants. This TikTok trend 2021 has a video on YouTube that shows a compilation of different videos all participating in this TikTok trend.

As of the moment, it still seems highly unlikely that face to face classes would start sometime soon. A previous article was made by USANews that tackles on the sensitive topic of what would happen should schools start to open soon. This is quite a troubling problem for some as nobody really knows when face to face classes will start again for the worldwide audience.

Bullies in school

The TikTok trend reveals how a lot of people experienced bullying back in highschool, middle school, or even college. There were a lot of personal confessions by adults sharing just how bad they used to have it in highschool. Nowadays, due to social media, it would be easier to report bullying. However, this isn't a guarantee that no one would be bullied anymore or that bullies wouldn't be mean anymore.


According to the testimonies of some of the participants in this TikTok trend, it shows exactly how some participants had a really hard time back when they were in school. One participant was even called out after her mother had died and had been blamed that she was only using it for publicity.

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Payback on TikTok

Some of the participants, however, showed how they were able to stand up against bullies with one person sharing how someone had fire-extinguished her car and how she went up to the bully and fought back since she had seen it on CCTV despite the person's denial. This is one of the participants that actually had quite an okay ending as she was able to stand up for what had been done to her.

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Another video, however, shows how grudges were built up in highschool with a certain participant confessing how she was bullied and she did not know why. The participant then went to the principal and the one who threatened the participant had to come to apologize. It turns out that the reason for this particular grudge was that the participant actually bumped into that bully and did not apologize.

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Another video remembered how the participant shared that she wanted to become a model but was then bullied because of this dream. However, that participant is now a model and the person who bullied the participant even tried to ask if the participant could help her become a model as well. The participant said no.

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