Rumor Hints Bandai's 'Elden Ring' Release Date 2021:  Delays?
(Photo : Screenshot From Bandai Namco Entertainment America YouTube) Rumor Hints Bandai's 'Elden Ring' Release Date 2021: Delays?

At this very point, a number of gamers will grasp at just any straws for new news regarding "Elden Ring", the particular hype for this upcoming game is both widespread and enormous but also has become quite silent along with a lack of any existing content available for gamers to chew on. While the last gamers have heard was that last month, GameBeat's very own Jeff Grubb recently claimed that the upcoming "Elden Ring" reveal won't be too far away, there still hasn't been any official statement regarding the "Elden Ring" release date this 2021.

'Elden Ring' release date 2021

A certain insider from ResetEra, a known video game discussion forum for both journalists as well as game developers now hints that this game will later on be released part of the way through this 2021. Taepoppuri, the particular username that this insider goes by, explains that like most of the games, its original release date has been postponed for a few months due to COVID-19.

According to an article by TheGamer, the insider noted that the original target release date for "Elden Ring" would have been in March 2021. For those looking back at the games that have recently been released all coming from FromSoftware like "Bloodborne", "Demon's Souls", "Dark Souls 2", and "Dark Souls 3" have all actually had either a target launch of Feb or March. 

Given the game's history, it kind of makes sense that this company would be aiming for a release in March for its "Elden Ring". However, considering the ongoing effects that COVID-19 had on companies from all around the world, it would actually be no surprise should the release dates be shifted within the gaming community as well.

More news regarding "Elden Rings" is brought by another known insider on the forum ResetEra called Nibel. Nibel confirmed that these comments that Taepoppuri had made were true. He also stated that Taepo actually has quite a good source and that was all the insider had to say along with a cheerful thumbs up emoji. If that is still not enough for gamers to hold on to, another additional piece of potential evidence is the fact that Target has also updated their own pre-order page for the upcoming "Elden Ring" stating that the release date would be on June 30.

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Notes on 'Elden Ring's' delay

The article by The Gamer then notes that the writer hopes this rumor is true. As far as grasping at just any straws go, the writer still does not think that this is a total reach. This is especially due to the given listing of the release date for Target. With this being said, nothing really has been officially confirmed coming from the game developers themselves. The writer then stated that all that they know is that they are hoping that "Eden Ring" will really blow everyone straight out of the water once it finally gets released.

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