Monster Hunter Rise Demo: How to Download MHR on Nintendo Switch Eshop
(Photo : Screenshot From The Gameconomist YouTube) Monster Hunter Rise Demo: How to Download MHR on Nintendo Switch Eshop

For a lot of gamers, "Monster Hunter Rise" is considered to be one of the most anticipated games of 2021. This is considering all of the brand new monsters as well as the cool abilities have been revealed so far. It is still pretty exciting to find out what the actual game has in store for players.

According to an article by iMore, there is good news for those that cannot wait for the official release as Capcom has announced that the "Monster Hunter Rise" Demo will be made available for a short period of time! This means for those that want to play the demo version, they will have to move fast as it will only be available from January 7 up to February 1 3AM EST.

'Monster Hunter Rise' demo release date

The demo, however, hasn't gone live yet despite the "Monster Hunter Rise" digital event saying that this particular demo would officially launch from January 7 up to February 1 3AM EST. Well, considering that the Japanese version of this particular video actually stated that the demo would be available on January 8 up to February 1 5PM, it's most likely that the demo is going live in the United States maybe up to midnight or any time during the 7th or 8th. An article by IGN basically reports that the launch is "Today".

Will 'Monster Hunter Rise' have a demo? Here's how to download on Switch

The download process for this Monster Hunter Rise demo is very simple as players only have to do three things:

  1. Check the Monster Hunter Rise page on the official Nintendo website

  2. Download the demo

  3. Login the Nintendo Account if not already logged in

This is all that needs to be done. For those that are already logged into their Nintendo Accounts, the demo will then start automatically downloading on the Switch. Once finished, players will be able to check out the trial and wander around the world of "Monster Hunter Rise" demo. Players will have to have 1.66GB of space on either their Switch or MicroSD in order to play the demo.

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'Monster Hunter Rise' demo world

For those players that want to try out the "Monster Hunter Rise" demo, they will be able to experience a whole lot of single player as well as local multiplayer goodness. For those players that already have their own Nintendo Switch Online membership, they can easily experience the online multiplayer as well.

Players will be given access to all of the 14 weapon types for them to simply choose from as well as four different quests to have fun with. The four quests include the Beginner Quest that will allow players to Slay a Great Izuchi and even an Intermediate Quest that allows players to Slay a Mizutsune. There are also two other different quests which include the Basic Training Quest as well as the Wyvern Riding Training Quest.

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