Pat Mazza: After a decade of working for Google & Microsoft here’s my take on the future of tech.
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The 7 Technologies that Represent the Future

Here are the technologies Pat Mazza thinks we should be watching closely in the coming years...

1 - Remote Work

The remote worker isn't a temporary solution to a global crisis. In fact, three years ago the business world was already speculating that around half of us would be working remotely by last year. We might have got there by convoluted means, but now that we have arrived at remote work, it isn't likely to go anywhere soon.

2 - Ecommerce

The expansion of Ecommerce is driving a faster, more secure internet. The global marketplace is opening up in new areas, every day. Our reliance on it seems to be growing, the more the trend for remote work persists. None of these factors is a bad thing for the future of retail. 

3 - Embedded Business Intelligence

This is the number 1 technology that I see out there, right now. Embedded BI lets you include reporting, analytical information, data collations, and interactive dashboards, within existing software solutions. It's innovation at its best.

4 - Cloud Team Management

Cloud Team Management will be the monumental game-changer of 2020 and beyond. Normal is gone. There is no new normal. Millions of workers and thousands of companies are adjusting to accommodate this new reality we face.

5 - Blockchain

It may sound cliché at this point, but blockchain technology has a lot of implications for business development. Although a lot of its applications have been limited, recent developments in oracle technology are making it easier to track and organize different forms of data on the blockchain.

6 - Artificial Intelligence

We live in a world where AI can increase our propensity to achieve goals that may not have been as obvious or may have taken a tremendous amount of time to analyze.

7 - Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning are revolutionizing how business development teams become hyper-focused on understanding their prospects and clients. From trends to predictive analysis and beyond, access to intelligent data fuels powerful insights about every aspect of the market, turning data into corporate currently.

Amazon Vs. Microsoft Stock without my career bias

It's safe to say that the pandemic has seen sales on Amazon skyrocket. This just reinforces what I mentioned above about Ecommerce paving the way for an operational marketplace. On the other hand, Microsoft has had a number of their smaller projects put on hold this last year, as a result of the same.

Where should you put your money? Both firms have a proven track record and a glowing future ahead of them. Right now, it seems like Amazon is a sure thing. They are producing better ROI in the short term, even though Microsoft has been around the block and back again. If you want to earn big, go with Amazon. If you want to earn long, go with Microsoft.

Either way, you are going to get more for your money than you might expect.

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